Orientation to Computer Technology, Chapter 3

You need to set up a computer to store and deliver email messages for your small business. Which of the following are you most likely to use?
Mail server
You need a version of USB technology that will support older USB devices, of which you have many, as well as newer ones. What word do you want to see in the specs.
Backward compatible
Which of the following is a portable, personal computer designed to fit on your lap?
One common method of thwarting a smartphone thief is to not use the phone to check the time.
You have a collection of all the photos, videos, and audio you have captured from your nephew. What is the name for this collection?
Media library
Which of the following is not part of a server like the one in the accompanying figure?
Bundled software
Newer versions of USB can charge connected mobile devices even when the computer is not in use.
How many peripheral devices can you connect with a USB port?
Up to 127
All-in-one desktops are usually more expensive than purchasing a system unit and monitor separately.
A brownout is a complete power failure.
You go to your local town utility in order to pay your gas bill. Which of the following are you most likely to use?
Financial kiosk
A thief has unfortunately captured your ATM card number by placing a panel on top of the face of an ATM, which was virtually undetectable to you. What is this technology called?
Docking stations may include shots for memory cards, optical disk drives, and other devices.
You are looking for a port that will work for an audio device. Which of the following is likeliest to work?
Your collection of stored digital media:
Media library
An environment of servers that house and provide access to resources users access through the internet:
Cloud computing
A computing device small enough to hold in your hand:
Mobile device
Unsolicited email messages:
The number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device:
A computer, usually with limited processing power, that enables users to send data to and/or receive information from a server:
Technology that uses short-range radio signals to transmit data between two specifically enabled devices:
The electronic component that interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer:
The point at which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with a computer or mobile device:
Joins a cable to a port:
Provides a central location for online game play:
Game server
The practice of sharing or pooling computing resources, such as servers and storage devices:
The smallest element in an electronic image:
Functions as a component in a larger product:
Embedded computer
Another name for a notebook computer:
The case that contains and protects the motherboard, hard disk drive, and other electronic components of the computer from damage:
System unit
Another name for text message service:
A device that combines the features of a smartphone with a tablet:
An external device that provides connections to peripheral devices through ports built into the device:
Port replicator
Malware authors rarely focus on social media because it is so difficult to get personal information via that channel.
Ergonomic studies have shown that using the correct type and configuration of chair, keyboard, display device, and work surface helps users work comfortably and efficiently and helps protect their health.
Which of the following are large, expensive, powerful computers that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously and the store tremendous amounts of data, instructions, and information?
A UPS connects your computer and a power source.
A large amount of e-waste ends up polluting developing countries, who accept the materials for profit.
Which of the following terms would you be looking for if you want to to make a purchase of a variety of software at the same time that you purchase your new desktop?
You have purchased a surge protector and you are happy with it, in part because it has an appropriate Joule rating. What is that rating?
Mobile users a susceptible to hardware theft because the size and weight of their computers and devices make them easy to steal.
Some handheld game device models are internet capable for downloading games and apps.
Some users configure a desktop function as a server on a network.
You should always try to purchase the least powerful desktop available as a means of getting the best bargain.
Teen drivers statistically are more susceptible to being distracted while driving.
Which of the following exists in the form of a single circuit board?
Blade server
What is the technology featured in the trend known as the Internet of Things?
Embedded computers
You need to restore a computer that has suffered a catastrophic failure. Which of the following are you most likely to use?
Backup server