Psy 220 Final

the term g refers to _______________ intelligence
The flynn effect refers to the _____
rise in average IQ over the generations
One study found that those who retired from challenging work often _______ intellectual power and those who left dull jobs often ________ intellectual power
lost, gained
The two researchers who concluded that fluid and crystallized intelligence are the most crucial aspects of intelligence were
Cattel and Horn
the basic intelligence that makes learning quick and thorough is referred to as _____ intelligence
Which of the Sternberg three forms or intelligence is sometimes called “street smart”
Major stressors and daily hassles
can impair cognitive functioning
The gradual accumulation of stressors over a long period of time, wearing down the resilience and resistance of a person, is referred to as
Baltes and Baltes found that adults use their intellectual strengths to offset their age- related declining abilities through the process of _____
selective optimization with compensation
Expert thought is
Intuitive, flexible, strategic, automotive
The theorist who proposed the idea that individuals continue to develop into adulthood was _____
According to the text, middle age, if it exists
could begin at 35 or 50
The big five personality traits
are apparent in every culture and era
people choose a particular lifestyle and social context or _____ because it is compatible with their personality traits
ecological niche
which personality trait tends to increase with age
An acquaintance who is not a freind but still has an impact on an adults life is called
consequential stranger
How has the internet impacted friendships and relationships with consequential strangers
it has strengthened friendships and increased the number of consequential strangers
since they are called on to help both the older and younger generations of the family, middle-aged adults have been called the
sand which generation
The primary from that generatively takes is ___
establishing and guiding the next generation
At least three factors help adults find an ideal balance between intimacy and generatively. These factors include all of the following except
advanced degrees
The term ageism refers to ______
judging people on the basis of chronological age
caregivers can diminish the independence of the elderly if they
help too much
the main reason we may not notice the young-old is that
they don’t fit in our stereotypes of the elderly
the elderly who are dependent and most likely to have age-related illnesses are
elderly drivers have fewer car accidents than young people do because
elderly drivers compensate for deficiencies by driving more slowly and avoiding night driving
primary and secondary aging combine to make major body systems
less efficient
as bones age, they become
more porous
the very ends of chromosomes in cells that may be corrleated with longevity are known as
the maximum life span is ____ years for humans