Public Speaking Test Chapter 6

Aggregate supply of computers being connected
World Wide Web
The primary information-delivery system of the Internet
Vertical Search Engine
A website that indexes World Wide Web information in a specific field.
Boolean Search
An advanced Web-searching technique that allows a user to narrow a subject or key word search by adding various requirements
5 potential sources
Personal Knowledge and Experience, The internet, Online Databases, Traditional Library Holdings, and Interviews
5 strategies for a logical research process.
Develop a preliminary bibliography, locate resources, assess the usefulness of Resources, take notes, identify possible presentation aids.
6 Types of supporting material
Illustrations, descriptions and explanations, definitions, analogies, statistics, and opinions.
6 ways of using the best supporting material
Magnitude, proximity, concreteness, variety, humor, and suitability.
6 criteria for evaluating internet resources
accountability, accuracy, usability, diversity, timeliness, objectivity.