Quiz 5 – ITEC 3325

In the context of Web marketing, _____ are display ads that appear on top of a browser window, blocking the user’s view.
pop-up ads
In a value chain, service involves ____________.
activities to support customers after the sale of products
In Web Marketing, with __________, information is sent to users based on their previous inquires, interests, or specifications.
push technology
Identify the e-commerce business model that brings sellers and buyers together on the Web and collects commissions on transactions between these parties.
The brokerage model
Government and nonbusiness organizations are prohibited from using e-commerce applications.
Electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic funds transfer (EFT) are forms of ________ e-commerce transactions.
E-commerce sites that use the _______ collect data on consumers and businesses and then sell this data to other companies for marketing purposes.
infomediary model
E-commerce provides product acknowledgements through phone calls and faxes.
E-commerce is part of e-business.
E-commerce is a subset of social commerce.
E-commerce activities that take place within an organization’s data communication network are part of ______>
intrabusiness e-commerce
A _____ concentrates on a specific function or business process and automates this function or process for different industries.
horizontal market
A ____ is about the size of a credit card and contains an embedded microprocessor chip for storing important financial and personal information.
smart card
A ______ is initiated by a group of consumers and enables a customer to bid on specific products or make a request for quotation (RFQ) at a common place for selling products.
buyer-side marketplace
A popular application of the __________, which is a major business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce model, is e-procurement.
seller-side marketplace model
A similarity between e-commerce and traditional commerce is that both:
concentrate on selling products to generate profit
A(n) ______ is an artificial intelligence application that can be used for Web marketing.
intelligent agent
A(n) ______ is the electronic exchange of money or scrip.
electronic payment
In the context of Web marketing, any element of a Web page that is clicked counts as a _____ to a server.
_______ supports m-commerce applications.
Wireless wide area networks
_______ relies on text-to-speed technologies.
voice-based e-commerce
_______ is a mix of traditional commerce and e-commerce.
click-and-brick e-commerce
In the context of e-government applications, crisis response is categorized as a ______ application.
In the context of e-government applications, e-training for government officials is categorized as a ______ application.
In the context of mobile marketing strategies, in-game mobile marketing:
uses mobile ads that appear between loading screens within popular games
In the context of the seller-side marketplace model, ____ prevents purchases from supplies that are not on the approved list of sellers.
In the context of trading partner agreements, which of the following is true of electronic business Extensible Markup Language (ebXML)?
ebXML allows Web browsers to select only the data requested in a search.
Jack is a gamer, and every time he plays at a gaming center, he pays five dollars using a card that he recharges electronically every week. It is evident that Jack uses ______ as the mode of payment.
Large corporations (such as General Electric or Boeing) as well as consortiums of large companies use the ________ model.
buyer-side marketplace
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is based on the _______.
Wireless Application Protocol
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) predominantly relies on voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies.
One method of conducting voice based e-commerce is using e-wallets.
One of the advantages of e-commerce is that it:
improves customer service.
Online auction sites that involve business transactions between users of products and services are categorized as ______ e-commerce.
________, in e-commerce, means all market participants can trade at the same price.
Price transparency
___________ offers a secure, convenient, and portable tool for online shopping and stores personal and financial information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and PINs.
an e-wallet
_________ is the first activity involved in a typical business-to-consumer (B2C) cycle.
information sharing
______ is a primary activity in a value chain that involves processing raw materials into finished goods and services.
______ is a primary activity in a value chain that involves moving and storing products, from the end of the production line to end users or distribution centers.
Outbound logistics
____________ is a popular online payment system used on many online auction sites.
______ is a method for improving the volume or quality of traffic to a Website.
Search engine optimization.
______ is a method for advertisers to pay for cost per view or cost per click, which is typically one-tenth of a cent.
___________ are community-based marketplaces that enable individuals to communicate directly with each other and conduct e-commerce operations.
Peer-to-peer e-commerce platforms
Universities are an example of nonbusiness organizations that use e-commerce applications.
The ______________ of e-commerce is an extension of traditional marketing media, such as radio and television.
advertising model
The ________________ is an HTML tag that provides information on the keywords that represent the contents of a Web page.
meta tag
The ______________ concept introduced by Michael Porter consists of a series of activities designed to meet business needs by adding cost in each phase of the e-commerce process.
value chain
The _______, a widely used business model used in e-commerce, refers to generating revenue from more than one source.
mixed model
The use of e-wallets is restricted to nonportable devices.
The third-party exchange marketplace model is controlled by sellers and buyers.