Quiz 5

The Internet began with a project called ____.

a) AOL
c) WWW
d) NSF

3G technologies have speeds ranging from 200 Kbps to ____.

a) 1 Mbps
b) 2 Mbps
c) 500 Kbps
d) 5 Mbps

5 Mbps
The ability to easily move your Internet service from one location to another is considered ____ Internet service.

a) moving
b) cellular
c) mobile
d) portable

An Ethernet-compatible network standard designated as IEEE 802.16 is ____.

a) WiFi
b) WiLAN
c) WiMAN
d) WiMAX

Tom is currently using dial-up for his Internet connection but he believes it is too slow for his needs and ties up his phone line. He is looking for an alternative and has come to you for help.

Tom wants to know what kind of service to opt for if cable Internet service is not available, or proves slower or less dependable than expected. You tell him the next choice would be ____.

a) satellite
b) dial-up
c) DSL

Temporarily assigned address
dynamic IP address
An Internet utility that sends a signal to a specific Internet address and waits for a reply
Wireless broadband service
fixed Wireless Internet service
Does not use a password
anonymous FTP
Upstream and downstream speeds are the same
symmetric Internet connection
A corporate solution for Internet security
Non-routable IP address
private IP address
Provides the main routes for data traffic across the Internet
Internet backbone
Can be accessed by packets on the Internet
routable IP address
Upstream and downstream speeds are different
asymmetric Internet address
Permanently assigned address
static IP address
Tie network links together
True or False

FTP is a protocol used by Internet phone companies for free long distance.

With BitTorrent, as more computers request the file, they become part of a ____ that uses peer-to-peer technology to exchange file pieces with each other.

a) swarm
b) choker
c) seed
d) leech