quiz 6 practice

All of the following are examples of malware EXCEPT ____.
You can protect yourself from identity theft by using ____ when transmitting information over network connections.
When using a public Wi-Fi network, when is it safe to send private information over the network?
Twitter is a ____ site.
The biggest challenge posed by Big Data is ____.
developing software to analyze the massive amount of data
A popular encryption method used to protect data that travels over a wireless network is ____.
Of the following, ____ is considered the most invasive.
network behavioral targeting
A common form of authentication is a ____.
Studying the way people use the web—what sites they visit, what products they buy, etc.—is an example of ____.
one-to-one marketing
A ____ computer is remotely controlled by a hacker to damage or corrupt a computer resource.
To protect your wireless devices and the information they hold, you should set up encryption such as ____.
The ____ was established to secure and monitor security risks to U.S. networks and the Internet.
Software companies rely on ____ to “fix” problems in their programs related to bugs and flaws.
Sites such as eBay are a popular target for ____.
Internet fraud
In the United States, the fundamental law that specifies what kinds of information the government can keep about its citizens and the rights of citizens to know what’s kept about them is the ____.
Privacy Act of 1974
When starting a new job, you may need to sign a(n) ____ that defines acceptable and unacceptable uses of computer and network resources.
network usage policy
____ favor(s) an Internet that is open, with packets unexamined and unfiltered.
Network neutrality
An Internet-based crime is referred to as a(n) ____ crime.
____ permissions provide registered users with access to the files they need, while restricting access to private resources
Of the following, ____ contains the most information about citizens of the United States.
An important function of a firewall is to protect all the ____ of a network or computer from undesirable data.
In a practice called ____, someone may manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information on the Internet.
social engineering
A company called ____ provides digital certifications for web transactions.
Which of the following is one realistic way to promote Internet security?
Select strong passwords and change them regularly.
A(n) ____ lifestyle involves ridding oneself of all concerns about privacy.
An item such as a smart card is an example of the ____ form of authentication.
something you have
Full transparency is a scenario in which surveillance and information are ____.
easily available to every law-abiding member of a society
A company may hire a ____ hacker to learn about vulnerabilities in its system.
Criminals collect items such as credit card numbers without the user’s knowledge through the use of ____.
A(n) ____ certificate confirms your credentials when conducting business or other transactions on the web.
An email with a subject heading “Urgent Security Update” that requests a username and password followed by a link to “re-login and resolve the issue” is a good example of a ____ scam.
Receiving a fraudulent email that closely resembles a legitimate website, such as one from your bank, is known as a(n) ____ attack.
Through the use of ____, governments can keep an eye on criminals and monitor regions in their own countries.
satellite imagery
An individual who illegally downloads copyright-protected software is referred to as a ____.
____ is a form of traffic shaping.
A challenge for companies such as Google and Facebook is building software that can ____ over the next few years.
analyze large amounts of data
____ can tell more about a person than all other kinds of electronic surveillance.
Data mining
The job of the ____ administrator is to control who has access to various network resources such as files and folders.
In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the services of a(n) ____ can be halted.
Internet server
The only time it is considered safe to send private information over a public wireless network is if it has ____.
none of the above; a public wireless network is never safe for private information