SPM 205 exam #3

Sales Process
entails conversing, learning, and negotiating
Team marketing Report
leading industry trade organization
wrongful injury to a persons reputation
Facility sponsorhip
one of the fastest-growing sponsorship platforms, most notably in the form of naming rights agreements. Sponsor the sport properties that play in the facility in some other capacity
publicity refers to free content about you and your company that appears in the media
Press release
the basic interpretive mechanism to let people know what an organization is doing and are sent out to editors and reporter in hopes of stimulating favorable stories about their organizations
Media planning
Choosing the correct medium in which to place advertising requires a thorough examination of each poential outlet’s ability to reach the most people fitting a target audiences demographic profile
Integrated marketing
entails long-term strategic planning to manage functions in a consisten manner
all methods used by a sport organization to proactively deliver its key messages to a diverse universe of constituencies
What does the Fan Cost Index measure?
measures the cost of taking a family of four to a game for each of the major professional sport leagues and includes the cost of tickets, purchase of parking, concessions, and souvenirs
utilizes telecommunications technology as a part of a well-planned, organized, and managed sales effort that features the use of non-face-to-face contact
Sport Broadcasting Act of 1961
granted professional football, baseball, hockey, and basketball immunity from antitrust actions regarding the pooled sale of broadcast rights
Broadcast Rights
the property interest possessd under law that allows an entity to broadcast sound and/or images of an event
Licensing Division
approve licensees, police trademark infringement, and distribute licensing revenues equally among league franchises
The Sporting Goods Manufactures Association, an industry trade association, defines the sporting goods industry a inluding manufacturers of sporting goods equipment, athletic footwear, and sports apparel.
the manufacturers of licenced products, like Nike or Reebok
Sponsorship inventory
included under sales inventory. Selling differens sponsorship packages.
Purpose of Sponsorships
to advertise for an event or team or product. give funds
Governing Body Sponsorship
entails securing the “official sponsor” status with a national or international sport league or governing association. Ex) IOC, MLB, NHL, NCAA
teams and leagues that own the rights to logos, names, and so forth
A fee paid to the licensor for the use of specific trademarks on specific products
Albert G. Spaulding
produced guides on how to play and exercise, promoted grassroots. Created a profitable distribution system in which the company sold directly to retailers at a set price with the guarantee retailers would sell at a price that Spalding would set. Created stable markets for spalding goods
Sales in the sport industry
the process of moving goods and services from the hands of those who produce them into the hands of those who will benefit most from their use
Sales emphasis in the sport industry
1. Quality: Teans’s win-loss records
2. Quantity
3. Time
4. Cost
Past and present emphasis of sales in sport
Used to be viewed as a one size fits all, hat winning absolved all other sins, used to emphasis on selling the sport organization goods and services instead of indentying the consumers wants, a lack of collection and use of data…..
Now sales in sport emphasis database marketing, telemarketing, personal selling, benefit selling, aftermarketing, up-selling, and eduselling
Sales according to Mark McCormack
1) The process of identifying customers
2) getting through to them
3) increasing their awareness and interest in your product or service
4) persuading them to act on that interest
What elements distinguishes sales in sport from traditonal products?
the presence of emotion
Database marketing
involves the creation of a database, usuall consisting, of names, addresses, phone numbers, and ideally other demographic info relating to current and potential customers, and then managing that database
The significance of corporate naming, and sponsorship inventory
The products available to the sales staff to market, promote, and sell through a range of sales methodologies. Corporate naming is a significant revenue stream
What is the goal of sales promotions?
A variety of short-term, promotional activities that are designed to stimulate immediate product demand.
Aimed at increasing brand awareness, broadening the sales distribution channels for their product or service, and getting new consumers to sample their product or service
What is the difference between sponsorship platforms and when would a marketer choose one over the other?
Measuring the ROI from the sport sponsorships. Internal feedback, sales/promotion bounceback measures, print media exposure, TV exposure, primary consumer research…etc
Which is the fastest growing platform? and why?
Facility Sponsorship, most notably in the form of naming rights agreements. Over the past 10 years almost every pro sport facility has sold naming rights to companies.
What is the “escalator concept” and what part of the sell process do we associate it with?
Up-Selling…Sport organizations are continually striving to move customers up the escalator from purchasing single game tickets to purchasing mini ticket plans, then to season tickets.
Which sales inventory is more productive and time consuming than any other?
What does ROI mean and when do we use this acronym?
Return of Investment. requires potential buyers to demonstrate to their CEOs that a sponsorship program will meet the companys specific marketing and sales objectives in some measurable way
What is exclusivity?
Exclusivity in ones product or service category. not sharing with anyone else
During a crisis, why is the interent a useful tool for a sport communication practitioner?
Its a good Delivery platform for the crisis plan and crisis team
What is the purpose of community relations activities?
all non-media-related communications efforts aimed at delivering a direct message to the fans. Generate media exposure, developing substantive programs to benefit charitable causes as well as educational and outreach programs in an organizations locan business area.
What is the difference between publicity and advertising?
Advertising is the content you pay for, and publicity refers to free content about you and your company that appears in the media
What components make up integrated marketing communications?
advertising, marketing, and public relations
What is FERPA? How does this Act affect student-athletes?
the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. it sets parameters for providing personal academic and medical information to the media.
What is defamation?
wrongful injury to a persons reputation
An interview is a form communication. Exactly, what is an interview?
An interview is a question and answer session employed by the media to gather information and present it to an an audience
What is the significance of Monday Night Football to Sport Broadcasting?
Monday Night Football turned into a television extravaganza, using more cameras, more videotape machines, and more announcers. Brought show buisness to sports.
What are TV ratings and shares? Distinguish between the two.
Ratings- represents the percentage of TV households in the survery universe whether the entire nation, a particular DMA, or a selection of DMAs- that are tuned into the program

Share- represents the percentage of the television households watching television at the time that are tuned into the program

Why is revenue sharing advantageous to broadcasters?
it frees them from financial burden. forces them and leagues to become active partners
What is the difference between a rights holder and a stakeholder?
rights holder- the person or entity who owns all rights to that competition, including the right to permit a broadcaster to distribute an audiovisual account of the competition to the viewing or listening audience
stakeholder- an accountant, group, organization, member or system who affects or can be affected by an organization’s actions
What does the concept of “covergence of technologies mean?
The trend of technologies to merge into new technologies
What is DMA?
Designated market areas. A flexible platform that makes it possible to protect and securely selieve contect by subscription for playback on a computer of network device
“…now we are going to take the viewer to the game,” was a concept created by what person
Roone Arledge
What are the three segments of the sporting goods industry? Give examples of each
Fitness products- golf clubs, in-line skates, etc
Athletic footwear- running shoes, cleats, boots
Sports apparel- garments defined for, or could be used in active sport
Manufacturers frequently outsource production to Asain countries in effort to reduce cost. What has been some of the concerns of this practice?
Low wages, unsafe working conditions
Explain some of the tactics used by Albert G. Spalding to grow his sporting goods business in the late 1800s and early 1900s
Grassroots programs, athlete guides, rule books, official equipment status
Personal selling
face to face, in person selling and again usually incorporates the use of the sport organizations database
Benefit selling
involves the promotion and creation of new benefits or the promotion and enhancement of existing benefits to offset existing perceptions or assumed negatives related to the sport product or service
the process of providing continued satisfaction and reinforcement to indiciduals or organizations who are past or current customers
Persuading an existing customer to move up to the next more expensive sales level
Selling corporate sponsorships…an instructive process that continually and systematically supplies info and assistance to the prospective sponsorshop decision maker in order to enhance product knowledge.
Team sponsorship
appropriate platform for local or regional companies or companies with smaller marketing budgets. include the right to be the “official sponsor” of the team.
Athlete Sponsorship
serves as a platform for companies to develop a sponsorship based on support of an individual athlete
Media Sponsorship
occurs most often in the form of broadcast sponsors. Ex) Home Depot sponsored ESPN’s College GameDay