Sport Management: Chapter 16

______ is the attempt by a person or organization to benefit from media coverage.
In times of crisis, why is the Internet a useful tool for a sport communications practitioner?
All of these are correct
– A corporate site has become the first location for stakeholders to look
– It allows the practitioner to reach the stakeholders in the timeliest manner
– It provides a location for stakeholders to receive accurate information
The three disciplines integrated marketing communications combines are:
advertising, direct marketing, public relations
Community relations activities are intended to:
create a benevolent reputation of an organization through the eyes of the public
Sport communication professionals may find themselves or their organizations in some legal trouble if they commit ______ in the course of sharing “news” with a representative of the media.
defamation (libel/slander)
What statements below are true about sport communications?
– The growth in popularity in sport organizations, partly due to the increased media coverage, has created a corresponding growth in positions available in the sport communications area.
– Sport communications has expanded into the areas of public relations, media relations, and community relations.
– Sport communications has seen dramatic changes over the past 20 years in terms of the number of stakeholders involved as well as the methods used to communicate with those stakeholders.
The most common mistake made by sport communications staff during a crisis is a lack of preparation for the incident.
False, overreaction
Public relations activities are undertaken for the sole purpose of gaining publicity.
The first sports section was introduced in the New York Herald in 1896.
The book discusses a number of potential crises that can happen to a sport organization. What are 4 possibilities?
Accident, arena disaster, criminal activity, gambling
groups or individuals directly/indirectly interested in an organization
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
symbiosis of advertising, marketing, and public relations