St 1 Test1a

What has of electronic components that store steps to be executed & data needed by those steps?
What is the definition of a website?
a collection of related webpages
What consist of a series of related steps that tell the computer what tasks to perform and how?
What involves reducing electricity usage & environmental waste generated when using a computer?
Green computing
What’s a group of computers/devices connected together,often wirelessly, by transmission media?
What manages the resources on a network?
Collections allow computers to share which of the following?
You would rather store data using an Internet service. What is this kind of storage known as?
cloud storage
Which of the following can users transfer items to and from other computer on the Internet?
Which of the following enables users to speak to other users over the Internet?
Word processing, spreadsheet and presentation are of what category in computer software?
Application software
Duplicating Copyrighted software is called ___________
It is ______ to access information stored on someone else’s computer without their permission
Unethical and illegal
When a person creates an artistic or written work, what protects it?
When a company has a brand it is protected from other’s stealing this brand by ______________
Which of the following would be considered unethical?
logging in as someone else without their knowledge
What is the modern technology that allows you to use application software to create projects?
Web 2.0
What is it called to store files on the internet and accessing them form any internet machine?
Cloud Computing
Putting false information on a web page and making it look as if it is accurate is considered
When someone poses as a legitimate company is an example of _____________
Which of the following is the term for unsolicited mail messages?
Term for the picture/video message service available on smartphones and other mobile devices?
What is the term for the smallest element in an electronic image?
What is the process of initiating contact between 2 Bluetooth devices/communicate?
A computer salesman refers to the shape and size of your new computer. What term does he use?
form factor
What type of computer determines the air pressure is low?
embedded computer
A port that will work for an audio device. Which of the following is likeliest to work?