The courts and civil liberties

The federal court of original jurisdiction is the
U.S. district court
Jurisdiction means the
authority to hear and rule on a certain type of case
Article III of the U.S. Constitution
names only the Supreme court
The U.S. Supreme Court accepts
about one percent of cases requested for review
Most federal judges serve for
life or until resignation
Which of the following cases would be heard first in an U.S. District Court?
a citizen of Mexico residing in Utah accuses a U.S. university of violating her civil rights
Which of the following does Article III of the U.S. Constitution give Congress the power to do?
establish lower courts
Which of the following cases would be heard first in a state trial court?
damages related to a car accident
During a jury trial,
each side in a criminal or civil case will present evidence to support their position
hich of the following describes the selection of federal judges?
The president nominates someone to fill a vacancy, and the Senate confirms the choice.
Which of the following is true about the Supreme Court justices?
The Chief Justice and associate justices serve for life or until resignation.
The majority of federal cases in the United States are settled by
U.S. district courts
The country of Oman is ruled by a monarchy, therefore Oman has which type of government?
What makes a parliamentary government different from the United States?
Its legislature has authority over the executive branch, with the ability to select and remove executive leaders.
How might several countries all described as federations differ in practice?
The state governments may vary in amount of power shared with the central government.
Canada and Mexico are similar to the United States because all three countries are described as
indirect democracies and federations
A country with a government that deliberately places socialist principles into action is
communist, like China
Democratization in a country
depends on both qualitative and quantitative data
Which of the following tends to increase when a country is becoming more democratic?
The unblocking of popular social media websites in Myanmar is an indication that
democratization is taking place
Elections in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s rule were
fraudulent elections indicating decreased levels of democratization
Which of the following explains the relationship between Internet use, GDP, and democratization?
All tend to increase together because greater access to information and markets gives people more individual power.