The Internet

What is the origin of calling junk email “spam”?
Because of the Spam skit on the Monty Python Show
A key advantage that internet/web retailers like Amazon have over “bricks and mortar” retailers is called:
the “long tail”
Why do some say “Piracy is not theft”?
Because the thing “stolen” is not taken away from its owner; it is still there
The recent actions of the Federal Communication Commission in strengthening “net neutrality” have greatly enhanced the control that companies like Comcast have on our network infrastructure.
Social media are online tools used to communicate with others.
Developers of shareware do not claim copyright protection, but do charge mandatory fees for downloading and use.
TCP/IP is the “basic” protocol of the internet.
According to the textbook, which of the following is the GREATEST threat to the collaborative free culture of the Internet?
Corporate abuse
According to the textbook, ISPs:
provide users with connections to the internet.
According to the textbook, the first ancestor of what we call today “the Internet” is:
It is NOT fair to apply the term convergence to what is happening with the web and conventional media.
User-manipulated characters in MUDs are called avatars.
According to the textbook, a BLANK is a small file that websites place on visitors’ hard drive.
According tot the textbook, which country uses standard firewalls and proxy servers to block access to thousands of foreign websites?
According to the textbook, the “digital divide” demonstrates that all of the following EXCEPT
Caucasians have been slower to adopt the internet, due to socio-economic factors.
A group of students led by Marc Andreesen designed the first graphical Web browser.
are a cross between a personal web page, personal diary, an online directory, and a newspaper editorial page.
Interntet2 is synonymous with Web 2.0.
According to the textbook, which of the following BEST describes Internet portals?
They are user-customizable web pages that combine information from various sources.
Tracking tools such as cookies and web bugs benefit the development of BLANK but pose threats to BLANK
e-commerce, privacy
What law requires libraries and schools to filter out inappropriate content on their computers?
The Children’s Internet Protection Act
According to the textbook, the digital divide MOST LIKELY refers to the difference in:
access to computer technologies between the rich and the poor.
Who are the leaders in the PC market?
Dell and Hewlett-Packard
Moore’s Law states that computers double in processing capacity and speed about every 18 months.
Web pages are typically coded in iOS markup language.
According to the textbook, which of the following is TRUE of ARPANET?
It was initially funded by the US Government.
America Online, the Microsoft Network, and Comcast are ISPs.
What does DNS do?
It translates web addresses that people use into addresses the Internet uses.
Internet Protocol (IP) version 6 vastly increases the number of possible network addresses.
To make the Internet safer, people should use all of the following EXCEPT a
phishing program
It is fair to say that the Web continues to converge with and compete with conventional media.