The Internet, Cloud, and WWW

A/an ________________ is wireless connection device used to connect a wireless computing
Access Point
It is an online personal journal that can be posted on a Web page. ________________ typically contain reflections, comments, and other materials such as graphics or videos provided by the writer.
An online discussion is called a _________________________.
The business transactions made over the Internet, such as buying and selling items online are referred to as _________________________.
An electronic form of the traditional postal mail that allows you to exchange messages and files over a network is called ___________________________.
A means or system that enables the transmission of electronic messages instantly is called ________________________.
Instant Messaging
The ___________________is a worldwide collection of public networks that are linked to each other for information exchange.
A/an ___________________ is a numeric address that specifies the exact location of a computer on the Web.
IP Address
A/an ________________________________ are a company that provides Internet connectivity to individuals, businesses, and organizations.
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A __________________ is a connection device that allows you to connect your computer to the Internet. It converts digital information into analog information and transmits it over a phone line.
A __________________ is a group of computers that are connected to share resources and exchange information.
A computer when connected to the Internet is said to be ___________________.
A _________________ is a program that allows you to search and retrieve information over the Internet
search engine
WWW is also known as the ____________________, it is a collection of information that is accessible on the Internet. This information is arranged logically and stored on computers known as Web servers.
World Wide Web
The ________________ is the address that specifies the exact location of the Web site and is also known as the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). A Web address also specifies the protocol to be used for transferring data between different computers.
web address
A _________________ is a program that enables you to view and interact with various resources on the Web.
web browser
A ________________ is a collection of one or more Web pages that are linked together and made available through a Web server.
What does the abbreviation ISP stand for?
Internet Service Provider
A strong __________________ should have at least 8 characters and contain at least two uppercase, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
BucK3yE$$*!! is an example of a strong _____________________.
There are rules for a ________________ to help make it hard to copy and be stolen?
Each person has a different _______________ name so everyone has a unique name and only that person receives mail sent to that name?
The ______________ on an email provides the business email recipient the contact information to contact you if needed?
Every website on the internet has a unique _________________?
IP address
To download Netflix or watch TV on your computer or smart device you must always have a/an _____________________?
Internet connection
Connecting to the Internet requires specific _________________ and services?
To connect your computer to the Internet, you need a connection device, such as a _________________________?
A _________________ converts digital information into analog information and transmits it over a phone line?
Another device you need for wireless connectivity is an ________________?
Access Point (AP)
There are two common ways to connect to the Internet; dial up and __________________ connections?
A __________________ internet connection is less expensive but can be very slow?
A _________________ Internet connection keeps the computer connected to the Internet all the time?
What type of Internet connection do businesses use to stay constantly connected to the Internet?
_______________________ is the amount of data that can be transmitted over a network in a certain amount of time?
Web _________________________ can display HTML, CSS, XML, and other files that websites use?
To visit a website type in the _________ of the webpage you want to view and press enter?
There is no limit to the number of ________________ websites you can save?
Search _____________ like Microsoft’s Bing helps users find information?
Search engines help you find __________ and other content by using keywords and phrases?
An online transaction refers to a business transaction that is made over electronic systems, such as the ___________?