The Media and Politics

With greater media coverage in recent years, which factor has become increasingly significant?
a candidate’s likability
How might opinion polls negatively affect voter behaviors?
They can motivate people to not vote.
In covering policy and the lawmaking process, what do the media help provide to the public?
Why is media coverage of elections important?
It is the only information source that most people have.
Which of these best describes what the media generally facilitate for the public?
the ability to hear discussions on laws and the lawmaking process
The media aim to make the public
aware of the issues.

is the name of the publication produced by the government that covers debates occurring in Congress.

Congressional Record
For what purposes do politicians generally use the Internet? Select all that apply.
to generate donations
to organize supporters
to solicit support
When policymakers use the media to deliver a message, what sort of response do they encourage from citizens?
new ideas
Which of these is a way in which politicians, particularly on the state and national level, would most likely interact with citizens online?
by connecting on social media