TIA 7-9

Each device connected to a network is known as a
Which of the following is a disadvantage of setting up a network?
Even ______________________require some degree of netowrk administration
peer to peer
The most common type of network installed in the home is a
peer to peer
A small network deployed in a home is referred to as a
The part of the network that establishes a communications channel between the nodes of the network is known as
transmission media
Throughput speed is always____________ bandwith
less than or equal to
The network navigation device that sends data packets to their intended node on a network is called a
The fastest broadband Internet service is usually
All of the following are methods to secure your wireless network except
disable WEP
The device used to move data between two networks is called a
Actual data throughput is usually higher on wired networks than on wireless networks.
Network-ready devices contain Ethernet switches.
Home network servers are a specialized type of NAS device.
LANs cover a larger geographic area than WANs.
Gaming consoles are often connected to home wireless networks.
Which is not a factor that determines the quality of images taken with a digital camera?
Cloud technology is important to mobile device owners because it allows ________________ of multiple devices
instant synchronization
The operating system of your cell/smartphone is stored in:
read only memory
The quickest way to distribute your band’s new song to a lot of listeners is to usean application to post it on
P2P is an acronym for:
peer to peer sharing
An analog signal is different from a digital signal because it is
Flash memory is a type of:
nonvolatile memory
VoIP is phone service that works over an
internet connection
Which of the following is not true about modern televisions?
They run ___________ and ____________ software
word processing, spread sheet
Which service allows you use your cell/smartphone to send messages that contain images?
Digital convergence means that all cellular networks will become 4G.
Digital music files must be converted to the MP3 format if they are transferred to a mobile device.
A codec is the algorithm that compresses and decompresses video files.
If your digital camera doesn’t support wireless connectivity, you can use a memory card with built-in WiFi.
Some Internet-enabled devices use Skype for voice communications instead of cell phone service.
When a hacker steals personal information with the intent of impersonating another individual to commit fraud this is known as
identity theft
Viruses that activate on certain dates or with the passage of time are known as
time bombs
Unlike a virus, ________ do not require human interaction to spread on their own.
Antivirus software works by detecting virus code unique to a particular virus known as a
virus signature
Which tool do hackers use to gain access to and take control of your computer?
backdoor programs
A computer that a hacker has gained control of in order to launch DoS attacks is known as a __________ computer.
Software designed to close logical ports in your computer is known as a(n)
Devices that use unique personal characteristics such as fingerprints or iris patterns to identify authorized computer users are called _______________ devices.
biometric authentication
Programs that attempt to trick you into buying software by pretending your computer is infected with a virus fall into the class of malware known as
A backup of only files that have changed since the last backup was executed is known as a(n)
incremental backup
Pretexting is an example of social engineering.
Sending e-mails to lure people into revealing personal information is a technique known as pharming.
Encrypting data is not an appropriate measure for protecting mobile devices such as phones.
Adware and spyware are both types of malware.
Password strength is primarily determined by the length of the password.