TSA Internet Scavenger Hunt

what does TSA stand for
technology student association
what is TSA motto
learning to lead in a technical world
describe the difference between TSA and the GaTSA logos
color, and the state logo
what high school does the current gatsa president attend
Lowndes high
what is the name of the gatsa secretary
swapnil lad
how many state officer are there
what event occurs during mid- November
fall leadership conference
where is this event located
Jekyll island ga
what is the purpose of the fall leadership conference
increase leadership, team building, and communication
what is the theme of this years armanda boat race
built a boat hope it float
where is the ga state conference being held
Athens ga
what are the dates of this conference
month of march
list 3 competitive events that sound fun to you
dragster, videogame design, architectural design
name a scholarship that is offered through gatsa
tommy pitchford
what mission of tsa
foster growth and leadership in s.t.e.m
where is the national conference being held for this school year
Nashville tn
how many middle and high school members are there?
how many teacher and advisors does tsa have
how many states have stas delegations
list 1 item and its price from the tsa store
advisor pin $5
what does teca stand for and what is its relation to tsa and technology education
its a college version of tsa