Unit 8 ITE

A network gateway can be used to connect the LAN of one office group to the LAN of another office group.
Packetization refers to breaking information into small parts for transmission across the Internet.
Connection devices
In a communication system, which among the following convert messages into packets that can travel across the communication channel?
A MAN is a network that is frequently used as links between office buildings that are located throughout a city.
Fiber-optic cable
Which physical connection is the fastest?
IP address
Every computer on the Internet has a unique numeric address called a(n) _______.
A network topology in which the central node is connected to two or more subordinate nodes that, in turn, are connected to other subordinate nodes.
This type of network strategy uses central servers to coordinate and supply services to other nodes on the network.
In a computer network, this node that requests and uses resources available from other nodes.
Network gateway
This device enables connectivity between two LANS or a LAN and a larger network.
Fiber-optic cable transmits data as pulses of light through tiny tubes of glass.
The capacity of a communication channel is measured in _______.
A text file is a document that includes formatted text.
duplicate row
What do you call a row in a table that has exactly the same information in one or more columns?
AND condition
How does Excel treat criteria entered on the same row?
3G and 4G cellular networks
Cellular services use _______ to provide wireless connectivity to the Internet.
Which among the following is considered a line-of-sight communication medium?
This type of network topology does not use a specific physical layout.
Network operating systems (NOS) control and coordinate the activities of all computers and other devices on a network.