US Gov Chapter 1 Review

What is the boy of fundamental laws setting out the principles, structures and processes of government?
What is a centralized government in which all power held by the government belong to a single, central agency?
unitary government
The government must resign if it receives a “vote of no confidence” in a _________________ ______________
parliamentary government
What is the power to make law and frame public policies?
legislative power
The power to interpret laws, determine their meaning, and settle disputes in a society is what?
judicial power
Independent states form a
The structure of a ___________ requires that power be divided between a state’s central and local levels of government
Federal Government
What is rule by one?
What is the power to execute, enforce, and administer law?
executive power
What rule by a small elite?
What is private enterprise in combination with government regulation and promotion?
mixed economy
People rule the government in a
What is the institution through which society makes and enforces its public policies?
What features a separation of powers between executive and legislative branches of government?
presidential government
What are the things a gov decides to do?
public policy
Power of gov are divided between central gov and local gov in _________
division of powers
Among the broad purposes of the United States government spelled out in the Preamble to the Constitutions is obligation to
provide for justice and people’s general welfare
Locke, Harrington, Hobbes and Rousseau would most likely agree that
the state exists to serve the will of the people
The theory underlying modern democracies was developed to challenge the idea that
those of royal birth have absolute authority to rule
The dominant political unit is
the state
A federal gov is one in which
power is divided between central gov and local gov
Which of the following statements is NOT true of parliamentary gov?
the legislature is subject to the direct control of the executive
The individual 50 States lack which basic characteristic of a state?
The Internet is suited to which needs of democracy?
to be informed about the many different institutions and policies of the government
Which of the following is among the characteristic of a state?
all of the above: population, territory, gov, sovereignty
Which of the following statements about sovereign states is NOT true?
A country or city is considered sovereign bc it is subordinate to larger form of gov
In a democracy the will of the majority
cannot be used to deprive rights to a member of a minority group
All political powers in a state are concentrated at the central level under which form of gov?
Which of the following is among the purposes of gov outlined in the Preamble?
ALL OF ABOVE: defending nation against foreign enemies, ensuring order and domestic tranquility, promoting general welfare of citizens
Which statement about the social contract theory is NOT true?
the state is a natural extension of people’s family structure
Which of the following illustrates the concept of equality of opportunity?
Public schools may not exclude students because of their sex or race
Which of the following statements about the Internet is false?
The internet led to widespread on line voting in 2000
Government in which power is limited to a single person or very small group exists in
Which form of government does Cuba, Costa Rica, and France have in common?
Which characteristic do the US and Botswana have in common
Both countries are democrati
All of the following countries are democracies EXCEPT
In which two countries do dictatorships exist?
Cuba, Syria
Which statement about the countries of Brazil and Syria is TRUE?
Both have a presidential government
All of the following have a unitary gov EXCEPT
the United States
In which country can the executive branch be forced from office for failing to win the legislature’s support on a major issue?
According to the social contract theory, the contract is
a constitution
Which of the following would be MOST threatened by the social contract theory?
divine right advocates
The decision to raise taxes is an example of
public policy
Politics is a_________, while government is an ___________
process, institution
“Promote the general welfare” really means that
the government is a servant to its citizens
If you live under a democratic government that conducts its own foreign and domestic policies, in an area with a territory of 50 square miles and a population of 50,000, that area qualifies as a
Where does sovereignty rest in a dictatorship?
with a small group or a single person
The United States does not have a unitary form of government because
the states have powers reserved to them in the constitution
Inability to resolve conflicts can be a characteristic of a
presidential government
A government can be both
unitary and parliamentary
In a democracy, each minority has a right to
B and C: be heard and criticize the majority
Democracy’s belief in the worth of the individual is indirectly reflected in the
free enterprise system.
According to the law of supply and demand, if strawberries and scarce, prices
Which of the following would NOT happen in a free enterprise system?
The gov orders KP and Co to produce 30 tons of steel per year
For what reason might the ruler in a dictatorship feel threatened by the existence of the Internet
The Internet might provide a forum through which people could unite and rebel