US government FLVS Exam: 04.05 Comparing Governments

Canada has ten provinces that share power with the central government. Which of the following terms best describes this characteristic of Canada?
What makes a parliamentary government different from the United States?
Its legislature has authority over the executive branch, with the ability to select and remove executive leaders.
Canada and Mexico are similar to the United States because all three countries are described as
indirect democracies and federations
A country with a government that deliberately places socialist principles into action is
communist, like China
How might several countries all described as federations differ in practice?
The state governments may vary in amount of power shared with the central government.
The countries highlighted in this map are major producers of
oil and are not likely to support international efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
International environmental policies encourage the reduction of reliance on fossil fuels such as natural gas. These policies are most likely to hurt the country of
This map reflects countries that have decided to
collaborate with other countries to reach goals for reducing environmental emissions
Which of the following is a true statement about Freedom House?
It is a non-governmental organization based in the United States that monitors and promotes democratization around the world.
Democratization describes
a process through which a country’s citizens gain greater access to and participation in government
Elections in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s rule were
fraudulent elections indicating decreased levels of democratization
Which of the following tends to increase when a country is becoming more democratic?
Which of the following explains the relationship between Internet use, GDP, and democratization?
All tend to increase together because greater access to information and markets gives people more individual power.