What is the Internet?

Briefly describe the Internet and how ARPA is connected.
ARPA was the first organization to interconnect the first set of computers to make the Internet.
What does ARPA stand for?
Advanced Research Projects Agency
What year did the idea of the Internet start?
Define Internet.
The Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks.
What war was the Internet first created? Why?
The Cold War. The military wanted a way the enemies could not intercept.
What is a computer network?
A computer network is a group of two or more systems linking together.
After watching “Warriors of the Net” what did you learn from seeing how the Internet works?
~The Internet is a network of networks that share each other.
~We have to agree.
~It takes different routes to get to one place to another.
What is the cloud?
The cloud is the Internet- in other words, a network of servers.
What is the cloud used for?
The cloud is used for checking email, collaborate online, store files, make notes.
What are data packets?
A small amount of computer data sent over a network.
Describe the process of sending an email.
It’s packet technology and the data is broken up into packets and is reassembled when it reaches its destination.
What are computer protocols?
A common set of rules and instructions that each computer follows to communicate.
How are protocols with computers similar to human behavior?
We all have rules to follow to communicate.