win7 chapter9

Windows Fax and Scan
____ is a utility introduced in Windows Vista that is used to control scanning and faxing documents in Windows Vista and Windows 7
The ____ zone includes all Internet Web sites that are not specifically assigned to another zone
____ allows you to begin using an application faster after printing by storing the print job as a file and sending the print job to the printer as a background process
The most basic file ____ are characteristics such as filename, creation date, and modified date
Printers typically understand either ____ or Printer Control Language (PCL)
point and print
allows printer drivers to be distributed automatically from the print server
print server
Many printers can be configured to communicate directly with the network. If this feature is not built into your printer, it can be added by purchasing a ____
The Devices and Printers applet is capable of installing printers on remote computers
Information scanned into Windows Fax and Scan cannot be used by other applications due to the storage format of the scans
The XPS format was developed by Adobe, but has been released under a royalty-free patent license
When a new application designed for Windows Vista or Windows 7 prints, it uses ____-based printing
____ minimizes all windows except the current window
Windows 7 allows you to create ____ that contain additional metadata for organizing your data
____ was used to render screen drawings and print jobs in Windows XP
In addition to defining which locations are indexed, you can also define which file ____ are indexed and how those files are indexed
File ____ is information about a file, also called the properties of a file
a document format that describes how a page should be displayed
The most common reasons to use local printing are simplicity and security
Drivers can be staged manually by a user with administrative rights using the ____ utility
web slices
____are small pieces of content from a Web site that notify you there is an update
The Windows 7 printing process is flexible to accommodate older applications and older printers that do not support XPS-based printing
In Windows 7, a search is ____ sensitive
local printing
____ requires that a printer be connected directly to a Windows 7 computer by using a parallel cable or USB cable
XPS uses a subset of the commands available in ____ to render documents
The Documents ____ displays the files stored in My Documents and Public Documents
In Windows 7, the ____ is updated each time a file is changed to ensure that search results are current
saved search
A ____ is a virtual folder that contains the files matching a search query.
Internet Explorer 8
____ is the Web browser included with Windows 7
XML print ticket
allows print job options set in applications to be more easily used on various printer makes and models
XML print capabilities
a new system for advertising the availability of printing options for a device
devices and printer applet
manages the printers on a local workstation
print management snap-in
allows you to manage the printers for your entire network from a single workstation
color management
allows you to configure color profiles that are used to control how screen colors are translated to colors for printers
popup blocker
prevents most popup advertisements from being displayed
windows explorer
helps view the file system in Windows 7