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By doing this it will help to reduce he amount air miles of my products receive. If however this is not possible in some cases, I will have to opt on using other products which are sourced abroad through a fair trade organization. Luxury Product For the starter and mall products of the menu I will use a luxury Ingredient such as chocolate in order to make the products more indulgent and luxurious. Portion Sizes Portion sizes are important especially when you need to keep costs low and to prevent waste. As I am catering for a wedding of 150 guests the portion sizes must be reasonable and consistent throughout all of the courses

Design context I have been hired by a catering company, called Catered Events. Catered Events specialist in catering for events such as Weddings. A 24 year old female called Melissa had recently approached them asking them introduce a new luxury menu which appeals to engaged couples around her age group. The products can either be served hot or cold, depending on the course. The products have to be aesthetically pleasing, contain a range of textures, be affordable and consider concerns regarding sustainability. Design Brief I have been asked to create a new 4-course menu, which should consist of an linens wedding menu.

My target market is aimed mostly at adults as they are the main attendees to weddings. I am required to disassemble existing products in order to gain further insight into luxury products. Research Methods So I can gain a better insight into my client’s needs I will need to use various ranges of research methods. The research methods which I am going to undertake are as follows: Disassembly I am going to dissemble some of the possible products that I am going to design and make. This will help me to know the techniques used when creating these products.

Doing this will also allow me to see the impact and function of each ingredient. Interviews By undertaking an interview with my client, Melissa, I will be able to find out exactly what her needs and wants are regarding her wedding menu. Existing menus I will be looking at existing menus in order to gain insight into current foods which are usually served at weddings. This will give my clients basis as to what they can build their ideas on. I will find the existing menus on the internet as well as in certain recipe books. Target Audience The target audience for my products are young engaged couples in their ass’s.

The adding guests will not be under the age of 16 so the products I create do not have to be simplified for children. Therefore the product that I create must be of a very high quality and imaginative. The products must cater for both males and females. My Client Questionnaire 1. How old are you? 20 – 35 36- 45 46+ 2. Are you currently in the wedding planning process? Yes No 3. What season are you planning to have your wedding? Spring Summer Autumn Winter 4. Do you have a budget for your wedding? 5. If you answered yes to the above question, what is your budget? E – Ell per 6. Is the quality important to you regarding your food? Are you catering your menu to be suitable for children as well as adults? Yes 8. Are you concerned whether your food is sourced from a sustainable source? Yes Specification Form – ‘The portions must be individually sized’ Individual portion sizes of the chosen appetites, starter, main and dessert. I must ensure that all of the individual products contain luxury ingredients to ensure that the overall menu is considered to be luxury. Function – ‘All together there should be 4 suitable products that can be used for the menu’ My client has requested that I produce for her a luxury wedding menu insisting of 4-courses.

Target group – ‘The products must be suitable for the target market’ Male and Females above the age of 16 as these are the people who will attending by clients wedding Materials and Components – ‘The products must contain a range of textures’ There must be a good range to textures and flavors throughout the products. The main and starter must contain an aspect of chill User Requirements – ‘The product must be able to be eaten hot or cold’ All courses must be able to be eaten hot or warm. This is not a necessity for the appetite’s and dessert as they can be served cold

Performance Requirements – ‘All products must be aesthetically pleasing’ Products should be aesthetically pleasing and must convey a good use of skill and technique Cost – ‘The products must be affordable’ Research suggests that EYE. O per head is a reasonable amount to charge my clients for their luxury 4-course menu Storage Requirements – ‘The products must be able to be stored in a refrigerator for up to 3 days’ Research suggests a shelf life of up to 3 days, stored in a fridge at ICC or below. Ideally the wedding menu should be created on the day of the wedding to maintain its freshness.

However, some components can be produced over night to speed up the cooking process Scale of Production – ‘The products must be suitable for batch production’ Batch production will be used to create the wedding menu as all of the courses must be Sustainability Issues – ‘Ingredients used must be sourced locally I will try to source my ingredients locally to ensure that the products are both sustainable and relevant to the environmental considerations and to support the needs of the consumers within my target group.

Feedback from Clients After conducting an interview with my clients I have gathered further insight into hat they want to be featured in their menus. My clients informed me that approximately 1 50 people will be attending their wedding with each person having a 4-course meal. I will have to use batch production in order to help me to create the same meal in reasonable quantities. The meal will consist of an appetites, starter, main and dessert.

My clients want me to focus more on the main and dessert courses of the menu as they have previously realized that at weddings attended in the past, that these are the worst courses that are usually featured on the menu. All of the guests at the wedding have similar dietary needs so the menu does not have to have an alternative option such as a vegetarian option. The range of ingredients that I will have to use for the menu must be of a high quality because my clients have requested that the overall menu is of a high quality, so that they and their guest enjoy and remember the meal.

All of the courses can be served hot, but there is an exception with the appetite’s and dessert as they have an option to be served cold if necessary. Research on sustainable food Fair trade refers to the trade that happens to ensure that better prices, working notations and local sustainability of farmers is carried out. Some Examples of fair trade products: Chocolate Fruits Rice Herbs and Spices Fair trade requires companies to pay sustainable prices, which are never lower than the market price. This allows producers to have more control and a better way of life.

Tradeoffs is an organization that helps to fight poverty in third world countries. I will incorporate fair trade products into the menu where possible. Existing Products… Stuffed Chicken Breast http://www. Fogbound. Com/recipes/3652/stuffed-chicken-breast This product would be served as a single chicken breast so that it can be suitable for a single portion. There is an addition of a sauce to this product. This would be an ideal dish to make because it looks presentable and contains a range of various colors. Profiteroles http://www. BBC. Co. K/food/recipes/oversimplification_88986 Profiteroles would be a suitable product to include in the wedding menu, as the whipped cream that is used inside of the pastry is a luxury ingredient. The profiteroles are served with a chocolate sauce and are aesthetically pleasing. Brandy Snaps http://www. BBC. Co. K/food/recipes/brandy_snaps_47363 Brady snaps are a traditional dessert that I think would be suited to a wedding menu. Brandy snaps are very aesthetically pleasing. The snaps are already made as small portions so they can be suited to individual portions. Product Disassembly…

Product Disassembly 2 Product Name: Quiche Lorraine Portion Size: 1 gag Length: CACM cost: E Environmental/ Sustainable Issues: The product is packaged in a cardboard packaging which is 100% recyclable and the product itself is sat in a foil case which can also be recycled. There is no information as to where the ingredients for this reduce are sourced from Component Parts: Topping: gag Filling: gag case: gag Product Name: New York Cheesecake Portion Size: 2 slices, serves 2 (1 slice, gag) Length: CM Width/Depth: CM Depth of Topping: CM Depth of Base: LLC cost: E. 9, El . 05 per slice Environmental/ Sustainable Issues: This product uses 100% recyclable plastic. There is no information as to where the ingredients are sourced from. Component Parts (1 slice): -roping = 75%, go Base = 25%, so User Group Feedback I created a star profile for the Quiche Lorraine with the feedback that I received from taste tester. The taste tester scored the Quiche Loraine top marks with the texture and taste of the product.

The quiche dropped marks from the aroma, appearance and calcareousness conducted very high marks in all aspects of the star profile. My taste tester did comment on the sweetness of the product but still however scored the product full marks on taste. The texture of both the topping and base were to be of a good consistency which also scored the product full marks on the profile. The product did not score full marks on the color aspect of the product as my taste ester felt that the colors that was used for the topping was quite boring even though it’s the natural color.

However, my taste tester did score the product full marks on appearance due the shape and dimensions of the product and the finishing of the product. After help from a taste tester, I conducted a star profile for the New York cheesecake. The cheesecake conducted very high marks in all aspects of the star profile. My taste tester did comment on the sweetness of the product but still however scored the product full marks on taste. The texture of both the topping and base were to be of a DOD consistency which also scored the product full marks on the profile.

Free Sample: Food Technology paper example for writing essay

Food Technology - Essay Example

Lobe ( 2009 Be are commonly used in making different varieties of yam. One of the most common yam varieties is the buying Kampala. It has five types namely, original Kampala- characterized by red-purple flesh, Kabul-OK-with white flesh and large roots, taming-reddish-white fleshed and sweeter in taste, Banging- with creamy, white flesh and elongated root, and Bonito- with big, hard roots and white and flesh. Another variety, buying kalmia, stands out as the “most palatable. ” It is extensively grown in Boll which has sandy, lime-soaked soil suitable for this variety.

It has deep purple flesh and extra large-size roots. Be yam often use in desserts such as cakes, pastries and ice cream. Be Yam is also a good source of vitamins A and C, and of fiber and minerals. Its relatively low calcium content is related to low concentrations of calcium oxalate, an anti nutritional factor. Let is also low in the antiquaries epiphyte and trying inhibitor. A number of authors (Bradbury and Holloway 1988; Wanderers and Ravine 1994; Gabon Gibe and Trochee 1995) have commented on the variability in protein content within yam species, indicating potential for selection for gig protein content.

However, some of this variability would be due to varying degrees of nitrogen deficiency in the tubers sampled (Bradbury and Holloway 1988). Improving nitrogen nutrition of yams will increase protein production. However, the relative contribution of nitrogen nutrition and genotype to the observed range of protein content has not been determined. Plants also need to capture substances from their environment, to build their tissues and to function normally. Humans and other animals must feed on complex organic substances, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Plants make these substances for themselves. They need only the fundamental building blocks of organic material?the chemical elements. The most abundant elements in plants? carbon, oxygen and hydrogen?are obtained from the air and water. The others, referred to as mineral nutrients, are supplied by the mineral and organic components of the soil. Consider as one of the excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene) and a very good source of vitamin C, yams have healing properties as an antioxidant food.

Both beta-carotene and vitamin C are very powerful antioxidants that work in he body to eliminate free radicals and at the same time Be is one of the Filipinos favorite “akin”. The researchers found that Filipinos are food lovers -one of their tongue’s favorite are delicacies or commonly known as “akin”. There are several variations of akin from what main ingredients they are made of. The place were they are abundant of ingredients few example cassava or glutinous rice, they derived their own version of akin.

Aside from the essential nutrients present in be, it contains notification and Fiber which are beneficial to the human health. Purple yam is a type of yam that has a very strict violet color which is popular in the Philippines. It is called be in the Philippines usually cooked with milk and sugar and is eaten as a sweetened dessert called healing be with a bright violet color. It is an ingredient for halloo, a favorite Filipino dessert during the summer. While the tuber is seasonal, Filipinos enjoy be-flavored ice cream all year round.

Be is a purple starch made in the Philippines from a yam called in English “purple yam. ” The yam has rough, gnarly skin. The starch is slightly sweet, and colors the foods it is used in, such as desserts and Jams called “be hallway. In the Philippines, the be yam is also cooked and served as a vegetable (Practically Edible the Web’s Biggest Food Encyclopedia, 2009). One of tidbits in Philippines. TIME AND PLACE Last February 17 and March 6, 2013 we tend to orgy. Dunlap Jane Uneven Sauce in Tortes Residence, to make Be Espanola for free taste. March 17 2013,we make again an Be Espanola for final presentation.

Yam is the common name for some plant species in the genus Discloser (family Discordance ) that form edible tubers, which contains over 600 species. According to James A. Duke ( 2005, genetic resources and tuber crops evolution: Nigeria, 52 755-763 ) Many wild yam species contain toxic or vocative chemicals, and some of these are cultivated for pharmaceutical products. Although highly variable in appearance both between and within species, all yams share a common growth habit of thin, twining vines and a shallow, widely radiating root system, both of which die and are renewed each year.

All economically important species are tuberous, producing one or more underground Just because there are few suitable females and the fact that many of the plants with the most desirable features do not flower t all, but also due to the existence of multiple polloi levels (chromosome numbers) in most species and the flowering of different genotypes at different times. Fertile seeds are produced only when males and females of similar polloi level flower simultaneously. Nevertheless, promising breeding programs are underway for the most important species, the exception of Discloser esculents, of which no female plants have been found.

One of the most common yam varieties is the buying Kampala. It has five types namely, original Kampala- characterized by red-purple flesh, Kabul-OK-with white flesh and large roots, taming-reddish-white fleshed and sweeter in taste, Banging- with creamy, white flesh and elongated root, and Bonito- with big, hard roots and white and flesh. It has deep purple flesh and extra large-size roots. Bi thrives in dry humid places with light- textured soil, preferably sandy loam or silt loam soil with good drainage. For best results, plant at the start or at the end of the rainy season when the adequate moisture can be obtained.

Bi growth favors low and medium altitudes with temperature ranging from 25-CHIC. Be or bi yam is one of the country “famine crops”. It is grown backyard and commercial farms. Distinguished from tugs known as the lesser yam, bi or the greater yam has fleshy underground roots used as staple food in the provinces. Among rootstock, it ranks fourth among the widely-cultivated. Production of yam in the country reached 17,540 metric tons in 1985 with Central Visas producing the greatest volume. Total production was valued at POP. 6 million and covered a land area of 6,980 hectares. Most farmers plant this crop in May and June, while those in