Advantages of Internet - Essay Example

As you may know, internet is the most important invention of the last few decades, after this discovery we had an enormous availability to research and knowledge. First of all, the internet has played important role in communication. The knowledge brought by this phenomenon is huge. It provides countless effects for education. The Internet is a success in having easy access to knowledge and creating a new world for intelligence. The Internet is a wonderful system because there is no need to shuffle through pages and pages of kooks.

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However, the Internet can have some negative affects on today’s society because of how dependent people can be on it. As the Internet expands fewer students in school are using books as resources; they are usually distracted by what is on Backbone, twitter etc. There are many useful things people can get out of the Internet as the internet expands but it is also easily abused in many different variations because of how large the internet has grown, causing our society to digress in knowledge for future generations to come. The Internet has its advantages ND disadvantages but overall it is a great way to share knowledge and grow upon.

Many people do not even have to go out to the mall to buy a pair of Mike gym shoes anymore, instead, they can easy turn on their computer and click on there internet browser and type in two words, ‘gym’ ‘shoes’. This is what makes the Internet one of the “greatest wonders of the modern world”, because it makes time go slower and work finished faster than human being can work! The web is not only easy access to knowledge but it is also useful in accessing programs and downloading software off of the Internet. There are hundreds of different games on the Internet such as angry birds, temple-run, Tetras, etc.

There are Backbone, twitter, instars gram, snapshot etc. GOOGLE is one of the top highest Internet search sights stalks out there . The Internet is a very large moneymaker in this new industrialized economy. The Internet fertilized the economy and grew businesses throughout the world. There is so much to do and look at on the Internet. There is also U tube, which is a huge hit in sharing knowledge by providing videos of math equations being solved by instructors or talk shows discussing science, social issues, the list goes on. It is a gift to our society that we have the capabilities to invest in such a handy tool.

The Internet is so good to people and is actually addicting in a way to some people. It was recently found that several people have formed an Internet addition. The Internet is almost like a drug because it is full different things to look at and see. Most of the problems related to the Internet involve people spending too much time online. People are becoming more anti-social because of the Internet and are becoming more distant. There has been a big percentage of people spending their time on the internet rather than spending time with their family, or friends.

There are several reasons and causes why people get addicted to the internet; boredom, loneliness, online TV, social networks, etc. All of the wonderful things people can search online can also be a huge distraction to young teens. It is fascinating that an “average teenager spends around 31 hours per week online, and probably they do the usual, like instant message friends, surf on Youth, get homework help, view porn, etc. The Internet is very distracting and can also have a negative impact on young adults because of the easy access to ‘irresponsible behavior’.

It is easy to be exposed to drugs, porn, and violence on the internet. Even thought the Internet has some disadvantages it is still a great resource to use, however, it can be taken advantage of and is not for the best of our knowledge even though it is very fun to surf the web for hours. If something is used too much it can become dangerous. The Internet is being used more and more by people and is becoming a huge reliance on peoples lives. There does need to be a balance between the internet because the it is full of so much information it is a great way to grow knowledge and learn.