Bandwidth and High Speed Internet - Essay Example

In order to understand that last sentence, it is important to define these terms; bandwidth is, “the volume of information per unit of time that a transmission medium (like an Internet connection) can handle” (Fisher, n. D. ). In layman’s terms, the more Internet you use over your network, the slower it may become. For instance, while at home streaming a movie over Nettling, it may become “bogged down” if my wife is downloading something at the same time. The amount of data able to be transmitted over a network at the same time is limited.

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High-speed communication, to me, is referring to the high-speed Internet required to access large amounts of data almost instantaneously. As everything transitions from paper to digital records, the need for mass digital storage is becoming a must. However, for large organizations, they have offices that spread across the globe; they require access to these digital documents at any moment without notice. In an organization that wants to consolidate, having significant bandwidth and high-speed communication is a must.

Since the data centers are going to consolidate, the new data center must be able to support the excess traffic it will receive when the other data centers close down. The data center must support the hundreds of users logged into it at the same time, and the data transfer must remain as fast as if there was only one person downloading at that moment. This is why bandwidth and high speed communication is important to an organization that is going to consolidate.

Cloud computing as a consolidation option Guardian Life, from the Guardian Life case study 7, chose to consolidate their data processing centers due to lack of use, and to save money over all. At their peak, they were only using roughly 25% of the data centers capacity. It didn’t make sense to have 10+ data centers. By having a bunch of servers centrally located and dispersed between a few locations, it is easier to manage the equipment and people. By investing in cloud computing, you’re essentially doing the same thing; “… Placing underused and hard-to-support local computing with a hosted service. Companies can eliminate many application-specific servers using either consolidation or cloud sourcing, so it’s essential to pick the best strategy’ (Noel, 2012). Cloud computing offers some distinct advantages, in that you eliminate maintenance of IT equipment, the personnel required to maintain the equipment, the data center facility, and the maintenance/upkeep of the building. You also save money with cloud computing since you’re only billed for what you use.

Overall, cloud computing seems like a legitimate option for someone wanting to consolidate their operation. The amount of money saved overall seems to be huge. Pod decanters as consolidation options A Pod decanter is an already assembled, multi- rack data centers that can be delivered to any organization/business with a simple order. These are becoming very popular, and very cost effective, for a few reasons; first, all the equipment inside of the “pod” are of the same brand.

There is a term that refers to some data centers as “Frankincense” since they are pieced together with anything and everything to make it work. With a “Pod” since everything is of the same brand, it eliminates the errors associated with cross brand equipment/compatibility issues. The second benefit of a “Pod” is it can be delivered and removed too business with ease. This way, you’re not stuck with a separate building or room in order to store equipment; it can Just be torte outside. The last reason a “pod” is a good consolidation option is, they are very scalable.

The pods come with extra racks inside used to expand the capacity if the business requires it (Goode, n. D. ) Overall, a “pod” is a great option for someone who wants to consolidate their decanters. Having a pre-built data center with the ability to be delivered and picked up is a great option. This would be a great option for a disaster relief organization that is always on the go. By having a pod, they wouldn’t be tied down to specific location, and can have the ability to move with the disasters as need be.