Basic Concepts of Integrating Internet Into Car Buying Activity - Essay Example

Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 1. 1 Purpose 1. Scope 1. 3 Method 1. 4 Assumption 1. 5 Limitation 1. 6 Background 2 Findings 2. 1 Traditional Method 2. 2 Car dealership’s Internet Department 3 Discussions 3. 1 Comparison 3. 2 Third party affiliates for financing purpose 3. 3 Ease in busy world 3. 4 Risk curtailment 3. 5 Secure Financing 4 Conclusions 5 Recommendations and Implementation The objective of this report is to introduce consumers to use internet into their car buying activities.

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Report contains analysis of three websites and the comparison is done taken geographical location India. Scope of the report is also limited to “New Cars” category. Analysis is done on the parameters mostly used by buyers like price, mileage, specifications, rating and reviews dealers. Also, it is commented that other useful information like maintenance cost, parts availability, depreciation rate, insurance costs, etc, should also be take care. To sum up, car buying through internet can be efficient and easy to compare from the bundle of products available in the market.

Customers should not rely on one website only, as some data may be erroneous sometimes and also that they can get views of good number of car owners. The objective of this report is to introduce car consumers to the basic concepts of buying the care online and educating about important issues on the same. The investigation is limited to third party websites, I. E. , not the company and authorized dealers of cars. Geographical location has been restricted to India to make it simple to gather information. Search is restricted to category – “New Car”.

Websites reviewed: Overdrive. Com,carom. Com, Caracal. Com. Analysis is based on comparison between different sites for the information available, reviews, customer satisfaction and whether any complaints are logged against the site for providing wrong information on their websites or not. It is assumed that India has good IT infrastructure within the country and internet is equally penetrated in every part of India to reflect fair consumer pattern. Also, it is assumed that these sites are famous and are equally popular among car buyers.

The sample size for analysis is very small and does not cater to whole variety of products. Internet boom in India happened in early sass’s, though car buying was not integrated with internet until 4-5 years back. In earlier scenario, people were unaware of car specification itself and nor were many car companies catering to India, so they had limited scope to buy from Marti, Fiat or Ambassador. Globalization and liberalizing in 1991 helped India to develop at fast speed. With Indian’s increasing spending power, many foreign car companies started getting-in in Indian Market.

In late sass’s, with lot of car companies and car models, it was difficult to compare and choose the best product accordingly. Herein, these third party websites became the boon for them as it was easy to compare between pacifications, see pictures, prices, insurance cost, rating and reviews, history and reliability, fuel and maintenance cost, extra. Below table shows the important categories the user surf and makes decisions. Categories are further elaborated in next chapter. Particulars Caracal. Com Carom. Com Overdrive. Mom Various Car companies Yes All Specifications No Pictures Mileage Estimates Rating and Reviews Dealers Price 3. 1 Various Car Categories All the 3 websites have all the brands of car marketed in India starting from Audio to Volvo including premium and standard cars for Indian Consumers. This implies that there is no bias for particular segment. 3. 2 Specifications This category covers performance specifications, capacity specifications, comfort specifications, safety and other features like country of assembly, warranty, etc.

Among the three websites, Carlyle. Com does not show all the specifications, and others show all. To know the accuracy between all the three websites, one example of car is taken and information is mentioned for few constraints. Ex: Marin swift Degree ZED Careered. Com Gait. Com Max Torque [email protected] Site Not Working Rear Tire 185/65 ROR Not Available Turning Radius (wheel base) 4. 8 meters This implies that some information can be omitted cautiously with pool of information. Also, the weapon was not working in Gait. Mom for specifications tab shows websites maintenance inefficiency. 3. 3 Pictures All the three websites have pictures of the car models from front, back and side. Also, for few cars, they have images of interior. 3. 4 Mileage Estimate All the three claim to have mileage estimate tab. To check the reality, here is test using two car models, whether they give similar results or not. Car Carom. in Overdrive. in swift Degree ZED Mileage on Highway 23. 4 23. 02 Handmaid Eon Magna+ 21,15 21. 1 23. All have almost same mileage ratio’s implying that the data is true. 3. 5 Rating and Review The below table summarizes the rating and review on the websites. Though it is not bifurcated in user and expert categories, but gives significant insight about the product versus people opinion. Particulars Rating Reviews 3. 6 Dealers Information about dealers is given in all three websites for all the car models. It’s easy for customer to locate the exact position through Google-maps provided in Carom. Com. 3. 7 pence All the three websites show price.

Price in Overdrive. in is more because it shows ex- show room price of Delhi. Car 72284 3. 8 Other Important Information Information such as maintenance cost, parts availability, depreciation rate, insurance costs, etc, should also be take care while taking a car. This information may not be mentioned explicitly on website but thorough information of these details will be insuring better future comfort. 4 Recommendations In my opinion, internet as a platform can be very efficiently used for buying car or any product.

Buyers should not depend only on one website being loyal, but to compare between different website to know full details of the product and more important range of reviews of the product from different websites. Also, customer should check if there is any complaint against website for posing any wrong information or product manufacturing fault or about the company harassing the customer, if yes then should not go towards that product or website. Introducing customers to Internet into car buying activities makes it efficient for them to choose best options from range of products.