Certain spies - Essay Example

Although plenty of people feel that Internet should not be controlled because people can freely access to information and the government can have less control over people thinking, it will be argued that Internet ought to be enthroned for three main reasons: some negative information such as violent and pornographic contents are appeared on the Internet, Internet can exert the negative effects of national security, and some lawbreakers commit a crime via the Internet. The first and most important reason to support Internet censorship is that the negative information on the Internet seriously influence people especially children.

That is to say, when using the Internet, children do not have limitation to access a vast of information, thus, various news or events including pornography, fight and heating are totally appearing in front of children, even the violence and anti-social behaviors. The fact is that children are too young to distinguish between right and wrong and they have poor self-control. This makes it easier for children to be seriously misled to the wrong way and prove detrimental physically and mentally.

According to the data, it reveals that thirty-six percent children who accidental access to the negative information will go on finding similar information due to curiosity and then they over-indulge these. Hence, it is obvious that for the reason of children’s safety the Internet should be censored. A second reason to support Internet censorship is that the Internet definitely threatens to national security. In other words, some other countries’ spies illegally obtain local country’s secrets such as army secrets and government secrets by taking advantage of fragility of the Internet.

On the Internet, people usually use their virtual identity to surf the Internet. Thus, certain spies and other spy groups can conceal heir real identity and falsely represent themselves working on a project study so that need to exchange information with net friends who are interested in this project. In fact, it is easy to obtain country’s secrets via communication on the Internet. For example, the CIA in the USA intercepts a vast of other countries via Internet. If the Internet is not censored, some countries whose national secrets are stole by other countries will fall into confusion.

Hence, it is vital that the government should censor the Internet for national security. The final reason to support Internet censorship is that some individuals can proceed to commit a crime by taking advantage of the Internet. To be more precise, in the present-day, Internet criminals seem to be everywhere on the Internet. To illustrate, some criminals on the Internet commit fraud, snatch passwords and even unleash viruses to crash computers. Consequently, these crimes destroy greatly network security and enables computer users endure heavy losses.

In addition, the Internet is a highly interactive space, so the Internet can be covered very well, and it is easy to SSE evidence of committing a crime because some people spend much time on finding what happened on their computer, so criminals can have enough time to remove all evidences before police come. According to cybercafé report in Australia, in 2012, online adults who have experienced cybercafé in their lifetime took up sixty-seven percent. Hence, it is necessary that government censors the Internet if government wants to minimize rate of crime. In conclusion, a vast of detrimental effects is caused by the Internet.