Does internet affect today”s children for good or bad? - Essay Example

Internet affect today’s children in both for good and for bad. It affect them in a good way, like affecting their mental ability, because, it helps them in researching homeworks and projects or reports.. and that makes them get higher scores or points at class… and it makes them smart too, and makes them wise too, because there are lots of difficult and uneasy ways to use computer, that makes them more confuois and want to know more about it, and try to know those things.

And it affect them in a ad way too, children nowadays, are affected bt this most in a bad way. Because some children uses the internet]ust for fun, like entering sites that is not for them, and searching sex videos, that makes them confuois if what it really feels when doing it, thats why lots of teenagers, specially girls, are affected by it, they are already pregnant with Just the age of 16 or 17.

Boys are addicted to computer games that affects their studies, their presence of mind in class, cause they get excited in ismissed, because they want to paly computer, they keep on asking money to their parents Just to play games on internet, and if their parents wont give them some money, they’ll get mad and talk back to their parents… and it also affect their health, especially their eyes, and they almost dont eat meals Just to play in the internet. So i can say that internet really affects today’s children. But they are affected most in the bad way.