Friend Making Through The Internet - Essay Example

My best friend was the perfect friend only to find out I was lied to through the whole friendship due to online scamming. Should you believe that the people you friend online are who they say they are? In all honesty this is a hard decision when picking whether to disagree and or agree on making friends online. It can go both ways when choosing a side on making friends online or not. I do believe you can make friends through social media but are they real friendships.

I agree to disagree to using online social media to make friends because you can’t have a trustworthy friendship nor real relationship with that person. In any case, choosing to disagree with the statement of saying that using social media helps make more friends which can be true, but are you really making friends or strangers on the internet claiming to be some they’re not. People on online sites or social media are not always who they seem to be. Muff think you know someone but you don’t .

And that’s social media’s alt. But more so our own. “(Blob; peg. 26, lines 69-70) This is saying that it’s the social media’s fault that we friend someone we don’t know ,when its actually more out fault then the site . We made the choice to friend and talk to the person you know nothing about ,they can sound like a nice person but not even be how they are. Basically I feel like that the people you choose to talk on the internet are a risky thing to do. Are you really making a friend or Just a connection or similar interest?

Using social media to make friends or make yourself popular is really nothing. Making fake profiles and websites is wasting your time and everyone else’s. One reason why I don’t believe that making friends through the internet is beneficial is because you’re not making a true friendship. There isn’t really a close relationship with online friends. With being friend’s offline you can have a closer relationship because you can actually hang out with them and spend time with them and have real face to face talk.

When you’re having problems and you need to let your feelings out you can go to your friend and have that friend bonding. Unlike online friends where you’ll have to type or maybe video chat your problems. While having friends online is a good way to find people with similar interests, friends who exist only on a computer screen do not provide the companionship necessary to sustain friendships. Making friends online has its advantages and its disadvantages. An advantage of having friends online is that you an stay in touch through technology, with offline friends too. Fundamentally, technology and our use of it isn’t – as we’ve all hoped – bringing us closer together”. (Blob; peg. 26, lines 55-56) Making friends online can happen more quickly than it might take offline. You can even make friends from all of the world or even right next door to you. But that’s the thing they’re everywhere you won’t know who it is or not or if their lying. They could live in Alaska but in reality be across the street from you which makes making friends online is a disadvantage.

As was previously stated, social media does make more new friends but it also can be fake friends as in not who they say they are. You think you know someone but you honestly don’t . When you use online sites/social media, you might friend someone who says there someone but turn out as a lie. I believe that making friends offline is Just the easier and more trusting way. Using social media to fool someone or use them isn’t right everybody is just looking for a friend not a liar.