How The Internet Has Made Us Lazier - Essay Example

Many of us find procrastinating – doing others things instead of what you should be doing – irresistible, to the point that it could hinder our should-be-productive lifestyles. For students who aim to ace exams and achieve outstanding 1. Ass or Nuns, procrastinating is the deadliest disease they might ever have contact with during their years in university. So, how do we stop procrastinating and start doing what we should be doing? Well, it seems like reading this article is a form of procrastination as well because it delays our precious and important task, may it be writing a paper, studying for an exam, and answering your homework.

To put it simply, you find excuses like reading an article about avoiding procrastination to avoid procrastination. Anyway;ay, here are six tips to avoid procrastinating and start doing the task you’ve been wanting to do but simply cannot: 1. Be serious with the task you have to do. Condition your mindset into doing and accomplishing it. To be successful in defeating that “inner procrastinator” of yours, you need to tell yourself to do it. 2. Set a schedule or a list of things to do. Write a list of tasks you have to do.

To further organize your workload, you can also write corresponding timeless for each task. It may be in a sticky note or a notebook; anything will do as long as it serves its purpose of reminding you. 3. Be strict and disciplined to follow your task list. A task list is nothing but a reminder. The changing attitude is yours. You have to discipline yourself to finish what you have started. 4. Stop unnecessary usage of gadgets and devices that can access the internet. The internet is an excellent source of knowledge that can be valuable during your allege years.

However, it may also be a key for you to slip into procrastination. If you have to research, open only those tabs you need. Do not open another tab for Backbone or any other social media site that could waste your time. 5. Keep in mind the grades you aspire. Let’s face it. Grades are an important part of academic life because it reflects the hard work you put into studying. However, you must also remember that grades are not the only important aspect in the university. Do not do deeds that may destroy your integrity and credibility as a student, such as cheating on exams. See the difference between the prepared and unprepared. “Class, your exam will be two weeks from now. Study diligently. ” Your professor announced the exam dates. And then there you are, “Humph, two weeks? It’s still a long time. I can review for the exams on the weekends. ” First warning: This is a sign of false confidence. Two weeks is a short time, especially if you have tons of schoolwork aside from preparing for your exams. You cannot Just push it aside and do what you want. Be responsible. Let’s see the difference between Student 1 and Student 2:

Student 1 has spent two weeks studying for the exams; while Student 2 has spent his two weeks while playing video games and sharing irrelevant posts on Backbone. The night before the exam came. Student 1 relaxed and slept early for the early exam the next day. Unfortunately, Student 2 was still up until 3 am, cramming for the exam. *Exam day Student 1 enters the exam room confidently, knowing that he has prepared for the exam and that he could answer all the questions. He quickly finishes the exam and still has more time left to review his answers.