Internet - Essay Example

In his essay, “Making Conversation” and “The Primacy of Practice” He argues on the one hand that people today have bad intentions for the use of these social networks, since through them they could negatively affect the lives of some people. On the other hand, he argues that they could also have the benefit of learning from others’ lives. Because of the Internet and other social networks, homosexuals are being recognized by the social environment – so people have been learning of what life is or how it feels for each of these human beings through these social networks.

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Overall APIPA claims that every individual has to take responsibility for using these social networks or having a moral idea to use them in an appropriate manner. Writing about these differences of the social networks, The Blob called Technology and Society, which has an entry titled, “How Backbone Has Changed Society, The Good, Bad And Ugly’, mentioned both the good and bad habits that may cause different social networks, which does not mention a specific answer.

Therefore, this blob talks such as each individual can be addicted to these social networking sites like Backbone, as each individual can learn he understanding of beliefs of each person in the social environment. As in the case of homosexuals, that they’re using these social networks to be more appreciate to their social environments. We see that the need for new conversations about what to do with these new ideas is required to handle the outcome of what we feel is moral and what is right to do with these new ideas.

Therefore, Social networks play a complicated role in our society today. By using social networks we not only affect others people’s lives, we also learn from the lives of others such as their culture aground or identifying their true self of any person. It follows, then, that we need ethical guidelines for the use the Internet or other social networks, because this would allow us to establish or identify responsibilities for using them well.

As we know the social media has good points and use development that benefits each individuals, but if they are used in a negative way, or to annoy or do worse things with others, these uses are obviously harmful. As a matter of fact, APIPA expresses that since humans today are more focused on social networks, there is a greater risk hat people could be negatively affected by them. He writes, “unfortunately, we could send, through negligence as easily as malice, things that will cause harm: a virus, an airborne pollutant, a bad idea” (68).

APIPA refers to how nowadays people have reached a point where they no longer know what to do with the advancement of the social networks – they get bored, and thus they send or pollute the social network through negative messages that could affect the people who receive them. According with this kind of issue, the blob Technology and Society has a specific example elated to this case – one of the most popular networks in the world, Backbone, which is one of the social networks in which people are abused through virtual bullying. The blob says: “…. Everyone wants to be a part of [Backbone], especially younger children. ” Since many of them want to be part of the modern social environment, to do so, children “lie about their ages,” which “create more anxiety’ and “sick days from school. ” All of this is “due to more online bullying that is occurring through Backbone”: for instance, “when youth add pictures or write comments they can be Judged by there and cause virtual bullying. ” Apparently, people of any age can have Backbone, where children can be affected by virtual bullying.

However, although many children use these social networks regardless of being affected by this issue, those entering for the first time could be affected. In this way social networks affect our real lives, but at the same time it is useful for the society. The internet has been a major breakthrough for the development of human society, since it has helped us to have much better communication and identifying someone’s identities. Journalist Thomas L. Friedman expresses that as the years go by, humanity creates new technologies advances as they need them.

In his essay, “The Dell theory of Conflict Prevention” He writes, “Now, all these years later, humankind has again created a new platform for more people from more places to communicate and collaborate with less friction and more ease than ever: the Internet” (181). The author shows that humans have sought and designed new technological conveniences that facilitate communication without being Judged, but to take more into consideration what a person says. Friedman dates that Internet, today, is one of the most used social networks worldwide.

When writing about this global information network, Professor APIPA reports that the Internet would be useful not only to communicate, but also useful for learning more about the identities that each individuals may have and also about the life in other parts of the world: He declares, “And, of course, the worldwide web of information – the internet – means not only that we can affect lives everywhere but that we can learn about life anywhere, too” (68).

Typically the internet has different kinds of uses ND management, by which humans can be benefited. Human beings are becoming presented with new forms of technologies for their daily uses – one of these is the development of communication which has reached a point where affect individual’s life. For example, according whit professor Kanji Hosing writes about how important is the understanding of people from others through any social media or the Internet, in his essay, “The New Civil Rights. He writes about his different cultural background, since because he’s gay he says “l Should speak my truth” because he’s afraid to be ejected by the social environment, he finally decides to talk his true self to all the people around him, even to his parents, that he wish “that they were proud of the men [he] have become” (559), since he accomplished great achievements as a gay person, like calling for a redefinition of culture. In fact, considering how important that is the internet in someone daily lives to be recognize individuals can learn many things, like the life of different persons and places there are around the world.

Therefore, this new internet platform has been essential to human resources today, nice it helps us to improve our knowledge in a smart way, and also it helps us to have a better understanding between people. Not only is social media used to identify someone’s identity, but also to learn the differences between people around the world considering the responsibilities that one should take, since each person is unique in their own way.

Hence social networks could be important devices for learning about different people. As is explained by the Technology and Society article, which mentions Backbone as well as other websites, a large part of social media is unconcerned with helping people to know each other’s thoughts. The article describes how, “… Teens and young adults who are using Backbone and other social media websites, actually increases their ability to empathic and understand other people’s feelings and beliefs. Since most people spend more time on the internet because of the use of Backbone, since through this social network, people are more interested in each person’s knowledge of their cultural background. Furthermore, it gives a brief example, it’s says, “There are more people that are coming out as being homosexual ND having this connection with people in these circumstances allows the users to be more familiar with people who have different beliefs and values. As social media evolve, they have been of great help to people who want to express themselves freely, so that other people can understand them, since many of people are responsible how a person’s feels. Today more people express themselves through social networks in order to be heard and valued. For example, professor APIPA says that, “in much of Europe and North America, in places where a generation ago homosexuals were social outcasts and homosexual acts were illegal, lesbian and gay couples are increasingly being recognized by families, by society… (78). Homosexuals have been able to explain themselves by way of social networks, and many of them are accepted as people like others. For which, social networks like Backbone or other social sites have been useful in promoting understanding between different people, since this social networks are taking into mind the moral ethics of each person in their social environments around the world. Therefore it is essentially the idea that every person is unique yet we all have the same ultimate origin. No matter what, at the end of the day, we are all people.

Because technology today is remaining very advanced – social networking has been an issue for which the social environment wants to be aware what is happening around them, no matter what of these social networks might affect them. However, the two theories that, APIPA and the Blob Website gives, it helps to explain both as good and bad among the use of these social networks. This Blob Website and APIPA, both states that some people might have bad intentions for the use of this social networking; sending malicious things to random people in general.

But at the same time, this blob, and APIPA, talk about the positive side that can cause these social networks. APIPA also states that people using these social networks can learn to the lives of others; where Friedman gives us a clear example of how learning the ‘true self’ could be important to identify someone as a true person, so the social environments can understand the feelings and cultural beliefs of each person regardless of their cultural background as the blob says.

Although this Blob does not take a specific decision whether social networks are good or bad, APIPA suggests taking in mind the responsibilities that each person should take using these social networks, as it affirms the morality of a person to use these social networks in an educated way so we can have an ethical guide in the best way as possible and not causing harm to people in the social environment. Usually the help of these ethical guidelines help each individual to make a good decision without affecting people around them, and thus have a calm life with a less risky. Works Cited APIPA, Shame. “Making Conversation. ” Barrios, Barclay.