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Internet - Essay Example

Imagine what you would do without ‘Facebook’. Imagine not being able to send that WhatsApp’ message to your loved ones overseas. Imagine life without the Internet… The rise of the Internet in the past few decades has brought massive changes in political, social, economical and even environmental aspects across the world. These changes are not only for the better, but some of them are for the worse. I believe that these benefits, however, outweigh the Internet’s negative impacts. Traditionally, to get information a trip to the library would be made, which could take long time.

The Internet gives us access to an infinitely large array of information and data. This means that the same information can be obtained much faster and also more in-depth. The time saved can be used to be more productive. The information in the Internet is not only good for academics but for businesses as well. Businesses can use the Internet to do research for solutions, new technologies or even expert advise. In the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, all students have access to a learning device that allows them to connect to the Internet and reap ts benefits.

This allows the students there to study more effectively as most answers to their questions are Just a few keystrokes away. Given the busy schedule of a typical student, the Internet also allows them to keep up with the current affairs and the news without them having to take time off their schedule. The Internet connects people from all around the world. This allows for easier and more efficient communication over long distances that allow geographical boundaries to be overcome. Email and social media help connect more than 85% of the world’s population. WhatsApp has 250 million monthly active users.

This results in better communication between people and thus information to be shared which helps to build better understanding between people. However, the Internet can have adverse social Impacts as well. One of these Impacts is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is as bad if not worse than normal bullying. It traumatizes people and scars the developing brain of the victims who are usually teenagers. The Internet is a very open platform and whatever we share online can be seen by almost anyone. Posts spread like wildfire on the Internet, which is what akes cyberbullying scary.

Jessica Logan, 18, of Sycamore High School hanged herself after her boyfriend distributed nude photos of her on the Internet. The cyberbullying continued on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. After some time, she gave up and committed suicide by hanging herself. Cyberbullying results in countless deaths every. Before sharing anything via the Internet, people must think twice, with it being such an open and public platform. Piracy is another issue that concerns the social impact of the Internet. People are oblivious to the fact that hatever laws apply to real life, also apply to the virtual world.

If piracy of content Is results in authors of the content getting the recognition that they deserve. With 24% of Internet bandwidth being used for piracy, a 60% increase from 2010 to 2012, there needs to be a change in mindset. These social issues can be resolved, if people make an effort to control their behavior. We have become reliant on the Internet and it is an integral part of our society. Life would be very different if the Internet ceased to exist. Minimizing its negative impacts is also crucial, and exercising self-control is the best to do that.