Internet - Essay Example

The rapid growth of the internet and internet technologies created a renewed opportunity for citizens to be heard on a wide variety of issues, including their government, the corporations that have an increasing role in their economic security, and the unions that represent their labor interests. Public Citizen has developed a program of litigation and other forms of advocacy which protects the rights of these ordinary citizens against those powerful entities who would seek to curtail or suppress the exchange of ideas and criticism that is nabled by this new technology.

Guide for Bloggers and Non-profit Organizations About Writing with Libel in Mind – This guide discusses the elementary principles of libel law and explains how to prepare for and conduct a pre-publication libel review. Legal Perils and Legal Rights of Internet Speakers (PDF) – Outline prepared by Paul Alan Levy regarding Internet Free Speech. Contains legal citations, links to relevant web sites, and other resources. Internet Free Speech Cases litigated by Public Citizen Litigation Group Gripe Sites defended by Public Citizen

Litigating Civil Subpoenas to Identify Anonymous Internet Speakers (PDF) – An article by Paul Alan Levy explaining how to defend against subpoenas, with citations to relevant cases; published In Litigation, the Journal of the Litigation Section of the American Bar Association. A Gulde to Fair Use In Posting Soccer Video Clips Developments In Dendrite (PDF), another article Paul Alan Levy, published In Florida Coastal Law Review, examining developments In the caselaw governing subpoenas to Identify anonymous Internet speakers.