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Internet - Essay Example

Believe in the different networking sites short biography about your business, indicating always what is its purpose and highlighting your services, products and offers. Be Active: answers to all your customers, invite your friends to universe to your new Backbone page and generates interaction. Create a social network and go not only useless, but you’ll only lose doing time. Includes messages cordial welcome to all new members. Do not use your new social network just to talk about your company: do not give good picture and certainly users you have given her a follow or “like” will end up leaving your website.

Help others by sharing interesting information, as well as articles and other websites of interest (always related to your topic), discloses that have page on Backbone, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. : comment frequently in popular blobs, forums and other social networks. Always leave a link to your pages ! , drive traffic to your website; yes, it is not okay to SPAM, but any Internet user has left, carefully, a link in a strategic network for visitors. You can share one of your items on a page of similar themes and ask the other users, if it seems as interesting as you.

Create a subgroup with all users within the community who could be future customers and send them a private message each month with an offer that might interest them. In what ways can the business benefit from a Web site? What functions should it perform for the company (I. E. , marketing, sales, customer support, internal communications, etc. )? There are still many users who use free guide enterprises (http: //mm. ‘. Yellowness http: // www. Q. Com) to advertise. Appear in these guides is very useful, but it is more if you have a site where to direct the client from the ad or inserted reference.

For example, when a user searches for “home care in Houston” not only want to know your address and phone number, want to know more. The company has a website that will make the difference between references and found it takes to attract the customer in this guide to your website. For the user’s search will lead to your website is to give you desirable high in popular search engines (Google, Yahoo … ). The high is free, but there are also payment options that make your most effective positioning on the Internet: Pay per click: You will simply pay a small amount each time someone enters your website.

Appearing first: your website appear listed first among search results, which is done according to criteria of and / or orientation (geographical area FL ca where you want to be show your ads). Another tool for advertising your website on the Internet is the banner. These include an advertising piece on another website in order to call the user’s attention, communicate a message and attract traffic to your website. Each time a user accesses a page where you hired the inclusion of a banner, it appears on screen. In the usual formats, when the user clicks on the banner, it will be automatically redirected to your website.

The formats of the banners and the terms of engagement will depend on the company that will stay on your website. In recent years there has been an increase in demand for cleaning services. Hygiene is a fundamental component of the image of a company, and one aspect valued by society, either at home or in public spaces. This implies that the demand for such services is increasing, It is important to note that the industrial cleaning sector has an important cyclical component, to the extent that it is closely linked to the economic situation.

In periods of economic growth, new businesses tend o arise, and therefore, the demand for such services increases as the number of potential customers. Identify competition can have a service in the area in which you want to deploy. Competition must be taken into account: its turnover, staff hired, the territorial area of influence, the services offered, prestige, its market share global. Also can offer your services to neighbors you have and play doors, so every business you start, make a quarter sheet flyers, distribute them to schools shops etc. ND since you have some money “capital”, you can start posting your services to local gazettes, oh can allocate some money for your advertising, the Secret of Success in any business service is good attention, be punctual to the appointment if you cite, if you open the door, do your Job well, so you go recommending, and what I was missing cobra is right, checks more or less the charge for your courses and perhaps charge a little less or the same but giving a plus, for example if you need to mow the grass and have some shrubs or roses can help them at no extra cost.

In what other ways might the company use the Internet for its own benefit? Prepare functional specifications for the company’s use of the Web and the Internet. Include links to and from other sites in your design. If for a business, it is ideal to have as contact you online. You can have a website to publicize the business depth and be the means of contact with the customer. Many businesses operate with virtual offices (I. E. The use of the website) and when in contact with the customer provide the service.

The ideal is to have a business that this set physically (company) can do an office in your home and have a virtual enterprise (this is the web page). Well there are many websites that offer free make your website (including the design of the page. Costing (the server that is hosting the page. ) the domain (domain is the address that you will have your page)) in these pages that offer this service give you a editable web templates (it’s like going to see your ad) good and you have to do is go ordering according to the design you want to achieve, in a few click you have your website on the internet.

Some have no other advertising other. Prepare a list of technological specifications for implementation (I. E. , what hardware and software are necessary to support your design)? You must never forget that the primary purpose of your website is to remote your business services and home help sell your services. Therefore, you must capture the visitor’s attention and provide a motivating, clear and precise content. In this regard, it is important to show the advantages from the start and benefits of your service to the customer.

Always interesting to analyze corporate web from your competitors because, in addition to providing valuable information about their activities, will provide ideas for the design and content of your own site and allow you to make better decisions regarding their content. Some of the sections that would not miss in your corporate web are: Home page. Who entry or home we are: presentation of your company home help services, user commitment, objectives and ways of working, etc. Our team: partners and professional staff.

Description of services offered: help elderly, ill, disabled; domestic service; single men; special care; maintenance; agreements with companies for cleansing; for example. Information for customers: fares, online consultation service, resource guides for children or the elderly, etc. Option to apply for services or products: register as a user, request for quotes, procurement of services, for example. Contact: you should never miss the postal address, telephone, fax and email; in addition, include a small location map and directions.