Internet Addiction - Essay Example

However, with every beautiful thing comes a downfall. This object leads to people sitting in front of computer, where as it becomes the center of ones life leading to internet addiction. As stated, in the encyclopedia of mental disorders “internet addiction disorder refers to the problematic use of the Internet, including the various aspects of its technology, such as electronic mail (e-mail) and the World Wide Web. ” Internet addiction has now become a recognizable disorder by American Psychological Association.

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Furthermore, they have found that internet addiction has causes and can result in psychological effects from a biological standpoint, here may be a combination of genes that make a person more susceptible to addictive behaviors. Firstly, it is important to note the causes of Internet addiction. One of the major Underlying causes of Internet addiction is when one is feeling overwhelmed or stressed. For example; when one has little or no time to prepare for an important exam, and knowing they will not do well they seek something to distract them. One may use the Internet for distractions so one can have no worries or fears.

In result it is mood altering therefore one finds it pleasurable. Just as a person addicted to shopping may feel an adrenaline rush or pleasurable change in mood from the series of actions related to a spending spree checking one’s credit cards, driving to the mall, going into one’s favorite store, the person with an Internet addiction may feel a similar “rush” from booting up their computer and going to their favorite web sites. The Internet is an excellent gateway, and feeling this way in an essence the internet is ones “solace. ” the individual begins to seek their solace when undergoing this emotion of being overwhelmed.

In other words, some researchers think that there are Heimlich changes that occur in the body when someone is engaging in an addictive behavior. Secondly, another major factor of causation is known to be depression. When one is experiencing depression is it known that one maybe unhappy, feeling detached from society and feeling unwanted. It is said that once one goes online into chat with family or new acquaintances it may make a depressed individual feel more connected and help them make it through every day with their depression. As stated in a research article “The effect of psychiatric symptoms on the internet addiction disorder in

Caftan’s University students by J Rest Med Sic. June 2011; 16, Depression is the most frequently reported psychiatric symptom associated with Internet overuse. ” Nonetheless, one experiences a sense of euphoria that makes them fill the void the depression is causing. Resulting, to the depressed individual wanting to “surf ” the internet more, and more leading to addiction. Consequently, these causes come with many serious effects. These effects may jeopardized the one further if not treated properly. One of the effects being psychological arousal, resulting in deprivation of sleep.

Deprivation of sleep is a large cost to pay, leading to more and more health risk. Some of these health risk being decreased Performance and Alertness, Memory and Cognitive Impairment, Poor Quality of Life and Automobile Injury. In the article,” Sleep Habits: More Important Than You Think by By Michael J. Beers, PhD shows sleep deprivation causes “Decreased alertness and excessive daytime sleepiness impair your memory and your cognitive ability your ability to think and process information. ” In correspondence with the above effect comes another, this being problems psychologically not being able to socialize with other

Individual;nor will they want to. Leading to one losing touch with society, and one not knowing how to perform in Jobs or interviews . In the face of all these components you can see internet addiction cause effects. Provided some of the above causes and effects of Internet addiction, now one has some knowledge pertaining to internet addiction and on how to prevent it. Nonetheless, may the force be with during your ventures on the web. Sources: Olivia, Stayed, Mohammad Maraca, Freshet Janitorial, and Mimed Salami. “The Effect of Psychiatric Symptoms on the Internet Addiction Disorder in Caftan’s