Internet and children - Essay Example

It, the Internet Is and can be more harmful to the majority of children In many ways. Once children start using the internet it can increase daily, it can affect them psychologically, socially and it can also increase thier knowledge of the internet. This increased knowledge can expose them to programs of violence and photographical programs. They can be exposed to online violent games that include bloodletting, drug abuse, disturbing pictures and offensive language. There have been studies that spending more time with violent games can and will increase childrens aggression behavior.

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These games kill people and animals and they learn to do more bad things on these games. Children thirteen and under are in the process of mental development. It can mean that more exposure to violence can change thier way of thinking and make them more susceptible to kill others more easily. These violent games can cause mental problems along with depression. The Internet has many options and children can access pornographic webs unintentionally _ Even facebook can be a harmful website for children. Parents should constantly monitor thier children when they are on the internet.

Letting children spend hours on the internet can affect thier social life and these children learn to manage the internet without getting any kind help from an adult . Many children have unstable lives, they can feel lonliness, depression stress and the internet can fill this void, which would not be fullfilllng in the longrun. Children being on the Internet constantly can loose the enjoyment of the real life. Real life enjoyment can be playing with friends or family with outside activities or even inside activities like playing Monopoly or Hippo Hippo games.

Children can ecome addicted to the internet; being that the internet is constantly updating new programs. There are hundreds of programs that are not safe for children. The internet is the most powerful means of communication, there is so much information and the Internet can be a good research place for school, work or coming up with any kind of Ideas. Parents and most of all children do not understant the dangers and troubles that the internet can cause them and us. Privacy can be a big concern to all of us. Children cannot make the correct judgment in deciding what is right or what is rong.

Crimes are committed with the intention to abuse children cyberly and these intentions will catch our childrens curiosity and attention; adults can also be defrauded because we all curloslty within us. start using the internet? Then be aware of the consequences that are posssible in cyber space. As a parent you must do the research and constantly check on your children for internet monitoring. Although the internet is a great way to stay up-to- date on the news. As a parent it is our responsibility to make sure our children stay afe and you must know your way around a computer and the internet.

At this time we do not know what is in store for us or our children because of so many criminal inventions to lure our children and even adults that can be vary gullible or naive. Adults can research the internet to the extent that they know how to get around it and keep your children safe. There are many risks the face our children by being on the internet. They have Cyber-bulling, Cyber-stalking, Age-inappropriate content, Online grooming, Identity theft and many more harmful sites.. ) Privacy Rights Clearinghouse [Empowering Consumers.