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Internet and Crime - Essay Example

The internet has contributed to criminal activity by giving an enlarged amount of obscurity for the criminal. They are able to do crimes from anywhere in the world. Most people feel safe because they are not actually close to the person they are committing the crime against. Computer associated crimes have become common In current years as many parts of an Individual’s life are Inspired by the use of computers. This encourages fear In patrons from doing business online.

Our wealth s the strength of character of our country and without this, people will stop spending money as generously which in turn leads to downsizing and loss of jobs. People who hurt other people’s credit for their own growth start a flow decline of buyer confidence and loss of income. The growth of the internet over the last few years has created a landmark in the communications record. Along with such great come ups it has caused the world to unite because of the terrifying side of getting information and half truths that tests the U. S. Constitution..

Criminal doings has been assisted y the internet by two main activities: domestic terrorism and financial fraud. Domestic terrorism in the United States makes up of groups of people who communicate extreme political views. This consists of hate groups and animal lovers. This Includes anyone who has an Idea that Interrupts the normal ways and unity of the general public. The Internet has permitted these types of groups the ablllty to communicate across huge areas for planning, carrying out the crime, and recruiting. counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

This type of fraud deals with crimes such as credit card raud which is one of the top reported crimes (Clark 2011). One example is internet scams. Sometimes, people will try selling you something on the internet at prices that seem matchless and sometimes unbelievable. I had an experience where I ordered a large amount of shoes from a website based out of China. This was my second order and I believed the company was legit. I had to send $1000. 00 through Western Union to China to get my merchandise. Well, I was given bogus tracking numbers and my merchandise never arrived.

At that point, I began to Google the company name to ind out they were not real. Another example is identity theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime today. With the construction of numerous identity theft programs they are getting the criminals before real harm can be done. Life lock is an example of a program that lets you know when changes have occurred to your personal information. References Clark, Marilyn Dr (2011). The Role of Social Cognition.