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Internet and Information paper - Essay Example

The internet is a worldwide media that anyone can publish anything at any time for any reason but you must be careful on hat website you access to get information from as some can be harmful to your In order to access the value of all the information you find on the computer. internet you must first evaluate what you are reading and look for other links that it may have in reference to what has been written. Meaning, take a closer look at one source and compare it with others you find. Some information is found to be accurate and some are found to be false.

Determining which is true Is the hard part. Most sources should have extra Information you can access to back up the source you nter, which makes It reliable and credible. Reliable and credible sources are sources that have been found to be accurate and up to date. Keep In mind not all sources have to be up to date for It to be credible, some are not up to date but are reliable and can be trusted. up to date sources are sources in which we know are being actively updated, and the information has a regular schedule.

For example, information on World War I or II would not be updated because it happened a long time ago but information on the politics would be updated daily, because of all the ssues that are still being dealt with. Look for the domains of the sites. Domains of a website are sites that are in ending in . edu, . gov, or . org. Sites that appear to be ending in . edu (Education) are sites in which information Is educational. This site is most likely from professional standpoints with well known, trusted people, and have accurate Information. Sites that are ending In . ov, (Government) are sites published by the government. Information that comes from a government site normally has official sources and can be trusted. Sometimes, sites that are ending In . om are opinionated from the writers mind or experience and I would be cautious of the information found there, but still carefully read the information. Not all the time but sometimes, you may encounter some inaccurate information. I think the government sites and educational sites are the most credible and reliable. When reading information from a site, watch out for errors such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Errors, can often be a sign that the source not reliable and/or credible. Accurate information does not usually contain errors, but it is still a possibility. A source with errors clearly states that the author may be an unskilled writer. Some sources will provide you with attribution, (acknowledging sources of information by people, books, sites, and etc. ). This lets you know this Is the original piece of source and If It’s paraphrased or quoted from someone else, as well as whom exactly wrote the source. Basically I am Informing you to always be cautious of Information on the internet and to check and double check the sources.

When it comes to the term internet to the ones who cannot afford it. Every household different. You have some that are low income families and you have some that are wealthier than most. I think this divide could be bridged by people getting together and offering the ones who are not wealthy enough to purchase a computer, a computer. It must first start here with people. We as people see that if another person does not have, then they Just do not have. Helping another person purchase a computer and internet is like helping yourself.

Start by donating old computers to schools, churches, or families you see, to elp another person to learn the techniques of computer use, to communicate with others, or access information electronically. Another way that this divide could be bridged is by lowering the cost of internet price. Internet is kind of expensive, especially for the high-speed internet. There is dial-up, which is cheaper but dial-up can run a little slower than high-speed. Not only could the price be lowered but how about help paying for the internet cost for the families who cannot afford it?