Internet and Online Gaming - Essay Example

An access network is a eries of wires, cables and equipment lying between a consumer or business telephone termination point and the local telephone exchange. The access network is perhaps one of the oldest assets a telecoms operator owns, and is constantly evolving and as new services such as online gaming. This makes the access network one of the most multifaceted networks in the world to sustain. A metro network is in charge of combining information from the local exchanges of a specific service provider, as well as information from other independent service providers, and sending the information to the regional and long-haul/core network.

A regional network Is responsible for the accumulation of Information from metro networks. It’s normally the last point before Information traffic Is put onto the core network. A prerequlslte of the regional network owner is that it leases lines to other telecommunications of information from the metro and regional networks in one part of the topography over very long distances to the regional and metro networks of another part of the topography. A crucial feature is that it runs in a webbing design so that there is always more than one course to get to its endpoint.

Ocean networks are the most challenging, technically progressive networks that we have today, and the most costly networks to set up. The cables that carry these signals need to be installed on or beneath the ocean floor. These cables transmit signals over exceptionally long distances when linking continents using refined, high volume transmitters and highly engineered optical fibers and cables.