Internet and Service - Essay Example

Objective The objective of this report is to analyses the Service Provider named, Startup and its success towards providing good service and being popular among the Singapore Consumers. To identify the factors that contributed to the success of Startup using soot analysis. Background Startup Limited is telecommunication Service Company and is Singapore fully- integrated info communication Company. Startup Limited also provides other communication services like Mobile Network Services, Digital Cable Services, and Internet service for both consumer and corporate markets.

It holds the second session in Mobile Operator Service and it has the fastest two-way High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HASPS) and mobile network that has fastest network speed that gives up to 21 Mega bit per second (Mbps) with the help of the new 36 mobile telephony communication protocol technology. Startup has this Hybrid Fiber-coax (HCI) network which satisfies the consumers by providing multi-channel cable TV services which includes High Definition Television and on-demand services. It also provides Internet services in the form of Residential dial-up internet service and broadband internet via cable.

It also provides mobile broadband where anyone can use it anywhere they want with network coverage. It delivers Ultra High broadband speed to its consumers. Startup also provides digital voice service via cable with superior clarity. Startup is the fast-rising challenger in the Singapore telecommunications Industry, placing second behind former government monopoly Singapore Telecoms (Singlet). Startup is also that market’s only telecommunications group capable of providing the full range of telecommunications services, combining fixed and wireless telephone networks, cable television service, and broadband.

Scope This report covers the analysis of Startup Service Provider. It also covers the services given by the telecommunication services in Singapore and History of Startup over the 10 Years. Surveys are done to collect data information of communication service consumers. Methods of enquiry Surveys are given to Consumers to get the opinion on the service they get from Startup. Finding out the factors through the surveys which contributed to the success in getting good reputation among the consumers in Singapore. 2. 1 Management ; History Of Startup. Management

Singapore Government decided to liberalism the telecommunication sector by 2000. The 49% cap on foreign ownership of public telecommunications will be lifted and will give room for newcomers. Startup was formed in April 2000. Startup was given the license to deliver fixed network and mobile service on 7 May 1998. It was formed officially formed with Singapore Technologies Delimited, Singapore Power, British Telecoms and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (ANT) having the major shares in it. At the same time 2 other telecoms were formed, Singlet ; MI (Mobile 1). Till then it was only providing mobile services.

Startup manage to sign agreement with 16 countries including china, USA and United Kingdom for its roaming services which even brought more consumers to them. Startup further developed by winning the city 36 cellular phone licenses. During the period from 2003 to 2009, Startup manage to develop in mobile services further. Startup was the first mobile operator to launch Blackberry which is well known for its Smartened service like e-mail, web browsing and other wireless data access. Wireless data services were even further developed by Startup. By the end of 2009, Startup was the first mobile operator in

Asia to launch HASP+ service having a high download speeds across nationwide. Startup manage to get the License for Internet Service Provider and Joint force with Cyber service provider which was the first internet industry in Singapore and was announce as Startup Internet on 3 DCE 1999. On the same day itself, a free surf plan was announce in conjunction of the new service provided and it became too popular that more than 180,000 people signed up for the surf plan less than few months. Consumers could surf the internet for via dial up and pay only normal local charges.

In the year 2000, Startup merged with Singapore Cable Vision which is the only paid TV media entertainment in Singapore. Due to the merger, it obtained the CSV’s cable television together with the broadband internet access operations. In 2005, Startup online was formed to provide broadband internet service. Both services came under Startup. Startup cable TV also manages to develop over the years. They had more people subscribing to their service as the number of channel had start to increase and there were more variety channels to watch. Digital Television service was brought in 2004 and 11 interactive channels were added in.

This made a tremendous change in subscriptions to their TV services. And now Startup is the first service provider that provides with High Definition Television (HDTV) service and has 6 High definition channels. Startup Launched the Masculine plan where it is the connected 24 hours and has unlimited access to internet. They provided plans which suited for heavy and light users of internet. For light users, it came up plans like flexi surf where you pay as you use. Consumers only have to pay what they use for. Alt had the fastest download speed in Singapore when the Masculine Ultimate was launched.

Now it provides 1 Gaga Bit Per Second (gaps) together with the Next Generation National Broadband Network. 2. 2 Comparison In Singapore, We have 3 main telecommunication service providers which are Startup, Singlet and MI . All have been a rising challenger to one another in a way with the service they have been providing for the past years. First we are going to compare what services they provide which defer from one another. These are the services provided by these service providers in a summary in the table below. Services Provided http://www. Environmental. Org/I/logo_startup-a. GIF http://topless. M. So/images/singlet_logo 1 1 Jpg http://blob. Elysium. Net/WAP-content/uploads/ml-Singapore-logo. ]peg Mobile Service- Prepaid Service Mobile Service- Postpaid Service Broadband Service- Home( Fixed) Broadband Service- Mobile Digital TV services Home Fixed Line Service 2. 3 Further Analysis From the above table, we could clearly see that MI lacks in a Digital TV service where other service provider provides. Only Startup and Singlet provide the Digital TV service. Another recent service Just provided by MI is the Home Fixed Line Service, meaning there were 2 services which MI wasn’t providing before.

But all the services are rather more similar if compared with one another which they are providing now. After seeing, the table you would have known the services provided is the same, we need to analyses further to see which service provider has better recognition among the consumers. Since our main focus is on communication services as a whole we shall remove MI from the comparison as it doesn’t provide Digital TV service. So I would be comparing within Startup and Singlet about their services. I have done some surveys using www. Monkeyshines. Com using that I have collected some data room 80 people for my inferences.

From the pie chart and bar graph below, we can clearly see that Startup managed to dominate the graph by having 44% of the people surveyed using Startup service. By looking at this, roughly we could estimate that Startup is dominating the communication service industry in this Singapore. Followed by the Singlet which has 35 % and MI 21% from the people surveyed. I am going to explore the factors that contributed to this high percentage of Startup consumers in Singapore. Survey on Startup Consumers and other Consumers. Please Select the appropriate Answer. Which service provider do you subscribe to?

Startup b) Singlet c)Mobile I(MI) Please proceed to the rest of the questions if you have selected “a” above. Which Service have you subscribed to? Mobile b) Cable TV c) Internet d) All services. Rate the Service Given by Startup. Very Satisfied b) Satisfied c) Neutral d) Not Satisfied e) Very Not Satisfied Reasons for choosing Startup? A)Cheap b) Good service c)Recommendations d) All of the above Would you recommend Startup to others? Yes b) No 2. 4 Factors Contributed We know that In order to be outstanding from one another we should have certain strict characteristics or talent which differs from other people.

This is case we have to explore How Startup manage to obtain good recognition among the consumers in Singapore even when there are other communication service Providers in Singapore. In order to be outstanding among the communication service providers they must be really competitive with other Service Providers. Getting updated with latest technology and offering services that go together with the latest technology. Startup which follows this always provides its customers with up to date network service to serve them better. Also means that Startup is readily available for changes and anticipate them accordingly.

For example, when internet usage was getting higher in Singapore like surfing the net and online gaming increases they manage to help this consumers by having the highest internet download speed in Singapore. This made many consumers who prefer to be fast get attracted to their service. Next would be the quality of service. From the Survey I have done, below we can clearly see that Startup provides with good service to the customers. Service. PING Higher percentage surveyed that their service is above average. Startup has a very good recognition with their quality of service.

They have a very coordinated system, which doesn’t have any severe problems and miscommunication. They provide 24 hrs customer service hotlist, where people can call them 24 hours regarding their queries faced and technical difficulties, which makes consumers more accessible to them whenever they want. Next would be their promotions, which attract the customers to take their service up. They provide more promotions bundle services together so that consumers will take all the services together paying at a cheap price which eye itching for the customers.

Hubbies promotion, where consumer will be subscribed to all 3 services at a cheaper rate compared subscribing to one service by one. From the survey done we can conclude that consumers with the higher percentage of 80% saying that their services charged at cheaper and worth it price. Startup has done well in this area trying to attract the customers by providing its consumers cheaper services. Referring to this graph, we could roughly estimate that Startup manage to get most of its consumers to subscribe to all its services. We can somehow conclude hat the promotion above was effective after all in a way.

Startup also doesn’t focuses on getting new customers always but also tries to keep his current consumers by rewarding them by giving discounts to when they re-contract or waiving certain fee charge if they subscribe. They also have this point’s system feature, where the customers can redeem things in return without paying full money for it. They also provide vouchers which can be used to re-contract their subscription with them without paying any fees. Startup also gives birthday treat by giving free cake and vouchers on their customers birdwatchers.

PING Startup have managed to attract new customers by giving them attractive promotions and cheap service. And as promise they also manage to give good service quality from the survey done. With good service provided, they also provide with reasonable cheap price which is really eye catchy for the customers. They also focus on attracting new customers and at the same time they also provide the current customers with good incentives making sure that they still prefer their service compared to other service providers. Customers satisfied with Startup Service would tend to recommend the service and hare the experience with their friends.

With satisfied recommendations by friends People subscribe to the services also. This could be one of the reasons why it contributed 20 % to the graph above (4) on reasons for choosing for Startup. We have explored certain factors on how Startup manage to attract customer and the possible reasons on why they chose them. Next, we were going to analyses Startup using SOOT analysts. 3. 1 SOOT Analysts 3. 11 Strengths Startup strengths had made them a successful communication service provider. The strengths have enabled it to be successful and popular among the consumers in Singapore.

One of it would be anticipating changes, as it becomes more and more competitive in the telecommunication industry its able to come up with new promoting ideas. Startup manage to come up with new and innovative ideas on the service they give. For example, they were the first service provider to come with per second billing for outgoing calls and all day free incoming calls. This idea even boosted the service provider market. More people chose Startup due to this reason. This is not the one idea they came up with, they were the first service provider who came up with unlimited internet access.

This attractive idea of theirs had a huge jump of consumers subscribing to them. Startup has this strength where many consumers preferred Startup Services. Another good example would be when other communication services adapt their ideas to the services; Startup has to come up with more new innovative ideas. When all services were the same in all 3 communication services, Startup manage to come with new idea with student Plan with an unlimited SMS service. When all the internet services provided by all providers were also the same, it came up with the highest and fastest internet arrive.

They adapted to changes well and reacted to accordingly. Another important strength would be Startup’s 24 hours customer service. With its 24 hours customer service department consumers and seek help anytime they want. All their problems can be addressed anytime they call the customer service. With this, consumers will feel more secured as there are people to support them with any kind of problem whenever they face. This would help the consumers to build trust on the service provider since they are assisted anytime. Next would be interactive.

Startup has Backbone which aids in connecting with all the people who have subscribe to their service. As most us know Face is becoming a the most popular social networking platform. Startup uses this chance, to interact and have a better communication with the customers. People who cannot get through their customer service they can get their queries answered at backbone. Startup also promote their service in the backbone so that everyone can see. Another interesting strength would be their Hub club and Platinum Club member scheme.

This scheme is basically for those who obscure to all their services will be provided certain discounts and special privileges. With this it helped Startup to serve the customers better. With this discounts given more people preferred to treated specially by giving discounts. 3. 12 Weakness Startup’s weakness would be due to it’s one of its strength. When Startup always come up with new attractive services these ideas would be adapted by communication service providers. Not only have other Communication service providers done that, in order to maintain the same level of other service providers, Startup also adapts certain ideas from them.