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However, these advantages are apparently, abused by some population online after viewing damaging internet contents ranging from, sexual materials and culture decay demonstration to reaction against government. Major controversies arise on whether the government should implement online censorship policies to stabilize and protect citizens from harmful knowledge, in core, to prevent social and moral values from possibly deteriorating. Basically, internet censorship is the suppression of access to information which is considered as harmful to society.

It can be implemented by government or private organizations. Private organizations normally, involve themselves in censorship for good or in compliance to government. Despite the effectiveness of censorship racking down negative consequences, the extent of internet censorship should be well considered in order to secure the freedom of speech by people. It is commonly viewed that, given the unique characteristics of internet, it provides greater opportunities for demonstration of a nation state and political transformation.

The driving force behind this wave is people are further courage and motivated to express their individual opinions on net than in virtual society because, giving any kinds of speech in public needs incredible courage and may prompt undesirable consequences to the speaker. Plus the rapid spread of information online improves the coverage of population who can reach the information, more easily to get public awareness than has ever been possible before. Unfortunately, citizens in certain states are still incapable to possess the right to enjoy this benefit.

Totalitarian regimes realized they can no longer secure their political, cultural and economic control over their people with merely censorship on traditional media because World Wide Web remains beyond their control. The growing threat had prompted the regime to extend information censorship to the internet. The strongest enemy of internet among the list lately is China. In an attempt to eliminate any protest from their citizens, the Chinese government has barred internet users from accessing several social networking sites and even taken users who have mentioned anything about anti-government into custody or detention.

The backbone of this political censorship is well known as “The Great Firewall of China”. This aspect of censorship helps to develop keywords used to filter web contents such as, democracy, Lie Kabob, Taiwan independence, critics of communist party and so on. The censorship Job is technically conducted by the Ministry of Information Industry (MI’). Chinese Communist government tried to safe keep what they called the “social stability’ from the potential outbreak of chaos.

Despite the government’s bid to achieve peaceful condition for society, internet censorship had undoubtedly generated negative impacts on China citizens’ daily life. First, the growing severity of government officials’ corruption and, the strengthening of dictatorship of one-party ruling that is bringing down the livelihood of the people. Critics conveying the irruption of China political leaders have been stimulated following major scandals in recent years for example, Boo Axial scandal, Went Jabbed wealth empire and Xi Jumping’s unrevealed corruption.

All these issues associated with wealth figures reflected the amount of money that could have been used otherwise to get approximately 50% of China population out of poverty. Significant statistical data had shown following the upraise of Boo Salami’s rank in the party, his relatives’ wealth is moving up along as well. The least corruption amount by Boo Axial is estimated to be USED 400 million. The latter story regarding Premier Went Jabbed hidden family wealth accumulated to at least, USED 2. 7 billion was revealed by New York Times.

The claims and statement by New York Times were blocked after two days of publishing in China and the press website was subjected in China’s censorship’s list immediately, this is the second internet combat against international press after Bloomberg earlier this year. Many people in China may remain unaware of the report due to censorship imposed in a rapidly. Taking the poverty figures into contrast, almost 500 million Chinese people earn less than $2 a day. Over half of Chinese population still reside in rural areas but, they share less than 12% of the country’s wealth.

Factor that succeeded the unethical conducts is believed to be the effect of censorship upon China people. Since the advent of numerous information censorship, people in China are becoming less motivated to voice out their own opinions against government and promote positive political changes. Slowly, people with the voice power are found as well became less interested in public issues as increasing economic benefits were granted to the small groups of influential intellectuals.

Subsequently, given the nature of greed on human beings and since government is able to ignore obligation to be responsive to publics will, they tend to act according to their self-interest. Throughout the government’s monitoring on information flow, 13 daily Chinese newspapers were censored and warned with punishment when they published out a Joint editorial demanding the elimination of “hookup,” a household registration system that put limits on access of rural migrant workers to public services guaranteed to urban residents.

Journalists who do not follow the censorship guidelines mostly faced reprisals in the workplace or, worse, imprisonment. Tan Current was one of the examples, sentenced to five years jailing for drawing attention to government corruption and poor construction of school buildings that collapsed and killed thousands of children during the 2008 earthquake in Chuan province. All inquiries into in regards of the issue were blocked by the Chinese government and Seizure’s associates and volunteers were also harassed or beaten up.

As of December 2010, China together with Iran were claimed as regions of the most Jailed Journalists in a single country with at 34 journalists imprisoned. Estimates from reporters showed that 77 “entities” and Weber dissidents are also Jailed. Chinese rights activist, Lie Kabob was sentenced to 1 1 years of imprisonment for publishing controversial opinions on the Internet and calling for freedom of speech and democratic reform which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. Until today, contents related to The Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution and Titan An Men Square still unsearchable in China’s web atmosphere.

A significant number of youths born in after ass are less aware of the negative events happened, lack the capability to reflect social illness and unaware of need to oppose the corrupting government. 600 websites, consisting pro-democracy contents and promoting freedom of expression led by Google, Backbone, Twitter, Yahoo Taiwan, Yahoo Japan, Yahoo Hong Kong and Youth are all blocked from being accessible in China today. In this tone, online censorship is detrimental to society and should be removed by a considerable amount.

Despite the severe drawbacks of censorship, censoring the internet does help to generate welfare and peace for the people at some instances. Freedom of speech is one of the basic roots a country is based on determining livelihood of the citizens and improving society’s welfare. Though, this form of liberty needs to be limited in certain degree to avoid negative ideologies that possibly cause monarchies and chaos to community. Most importantly, the spread of those messages will be forbid if it is found to be undermining humans’ principle and social norms, which would consequently lead people to inhumane path.

One of the most recent reflections on internet ideology censorship is Germany and several European countries striving to deter the rise of right-wing violence, Neo-Nazism. Basically, Neo-Nazism is a political movement seeking ways to revive Nazism. Neo-Nazism inherits concepts of Nazi doctrine including, anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, militant nationalism and homophobia. This organization had set footage at many countries today including United States, Germany, France, Russia and many more. The existence and ongoing proliferation of their principles are perceived by majority endangers humanity that people are enjoying in society today.

It is an undesirable class of idea which people are unwilling and fear to be involved with, tracing back how this political body had impacted global community during WI period. The Holocaust, a Jew prosecution massacre is still no stranger to community till today since the end of WI. The racist mindset further spread against other races as well other than Jews such as Aroma (Gypsies), Slavic people( consists of Poles, Russians and others), the disabled, Communists, Socialists and Homosexuals. These groups were mostly massacred based on political, behavioral and ideological reasons.

Across Europe continental, Germany launched the biggest strike against Neo-Nazis. Huge police forces were sent to raid properties where the Group were residing, had their propaganda materials, paeans and computer hard drives seized. The authority even had internet and social network companies complying with them through censorship of Neo-Nazis content online for example, Deutsche Telecoms blocked users of its internet network from accessing to Neo-Nazi website and Twitter started banning the same contents from its network. In this case, censorship is agreed as a highly positive way to secure peace and harmony.

Major arguments for online censorship that emerged are regarding the negative impacts of internet porn on social morality since the advent of its availability inline a decade ago. The protection of children has become the primary struggle of whether or not to regulate access to internet contents. It is all shown in statistics that average age of first internet exposure to pornography of children is 11 years old, 90% of 8-16 years old having watched porn online (most of them did it while doing homework using computer), 20% of men and 13% of women admitting having accessed porn.

This indicates how people especially, adults, are addicted with online pornography. They can’t even get the content out of their mind during work time and t could be imagined how adversely their work productivity were affected from this activity. Although porn websites often verify user age prior to access into the website through a simple question, it is a highly ineffective sanction to restrict children from entering the site. Further studies are found to underpin the harmful effects of online pornography to social values, first and foremost, the contamination of children’s mind.

Childhood period is considered as the time at which, a child’s brain is at the weakest state, unable to determine right or wrong. Therefore, exposure of children to orangeroot at this age tends to result in the child developing an unhealthy sexual orientation. Studies revealed that such exposure would encourage kids to act sexually against other younger or more vulnerable children. In a study in the March issue of Sex Roles, it is found that the more teenage guys viewed porn materials, the more desired they are to view girls in a sexual perspective and as a “play thing”.

Moreover, among high choler’s, 32% of the males and 18% of females unveiled their strong willingness to tryout the things shown in pornography within a few days after exposure. Divorce of couples is also one of the main consequences of online pornography. Research on divorce cases has demonstrated that 56% of the cases were associated with one party having an obsessive interest in viewing online pornography contents. Due to a struggle in cyberspace addiction, 68% of the respondents studied had turned out to lose sexual intimacy with their partners, having online sexual activities substituted with.

In addition, online porn also contributes to increase crime rate as young people get more intended to commit sexual offences while viewing the contents frequently. In Scotland, sex crime is reportedly higher than previous year by a total of 10% due to easier and unlimited accessibility to porn websites, consisting increment of 13% for rape and attempted rape. In July this year, it was reported that a twelve years old boy raped and sexually assaulted a nine years old girl after being exposed to internet pornography.

Given the increasingly and over easiness of accessing to these harmful materials online, the availability of porn particularly, on net, initially attempted to ease sexual crime rate had now returned the improved status to critical situation again. Hence, in this case, there is no doubt to censor online pornography at least in a certain degree that would grant the optimum morality and safety to the society. To conclude this, it requires high consideration to decide the adequate level of censorship on online materials.

Any extreme side of it are commonly deemed undesirable with complete censorship evidently tested in ancient times when people are living within conservative and feudalism society. The consensus formed in the global community is that fundamentally, censorship is an idea of atrocious and, the good side often prevails the bad side. While everything is censored from your daily life, it is a terrifying issue because you don’t know what is going to happen at all, for example, a foreign invasion is coming and political or racial prosecution is taking place.

Undetectable principle that had been tested throughout ages reveals the theory of only, with the freedom of expression, society is able to take a forward step. Innovation on culture, economy and technology that can lead people to a greater path would fail to take place if the principle is opposed. However, as mentioned before, the extreme of any side would generate adverse events, the lack of overspent censorship can also lead to harm. Government needs to Justify the right time to get involved and, at the same time, secures the general benefit of society.