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Internet debate - Essay Example

After reading initial post from other fellows, I still stand strong on believing that the Internet has become the liberating landscape than its originally supposed to. Gaul (2013) found that there is eighty-nine percent of people agreed or strongly agreed that Internet access allows freedom of expression on all subjects. While the use of social networking site poses certain safety concern, it also helps young people with disabilities to develop the skills they need for an independent adult life (Holistic 011).

The Internet helps them to practice their social skills. For example, one teen with disabilities with a help of his sister created a backbone page, within one week had a connection of 30 Backbone friends (classmates), who didn’t approach him at school (Holistic 2011). A study from the MacArthur Foundation (to, Horst, Batting, Boyd, Herr-Stephenson, et al. , 2008) displays that online activity can help teens learn important social skills and develop and extend friendships.

For teens who have faculty speaking because of disabilities, online social networking can be liberating because it removes the time barrier as they have time to think about the responses. The arrival of the Internet has not only brought more information to everyone but without it we’d still be in the dark about history and current events. Just given today’s event for instance, without the Internet many of us would not know what’s going on In Libya as we speak. News before was much slower, whereas now we can find out almost instantly what’s going on in the world with Just a click.

With many others believe in the advantage of the Internet, it highlights my belief on the arrival of the Internet has done more good than harm, because It has allowed people to connect in ways they never could before. Fellow Chris Hanna said that the Internet has led kids spending more time Indoor In realm of social media or computer gaming. School children are able to research so much more easily for their homework, and they can find tutoring online as well. Davies (2013) argues that students are disadvantage If they do not have Internet access at home.

A study between 2008 and 2011 Involved 200 young people found that the Internet had become an Important part to many teenagers studied at home (Davies 2013). For children who do not have access to the Internet at home, It can be Intolerance exclusion for their social world and the world of education success. Everything has good and bad side. It cannot be denied that there are some safety concerns of the Internet, however, the Internet has Glenn us the freedom, expressing oneself and Increase In understanding social Issue.