Internet Pcs 10652 - Essay Example

Internet PC’s: Next Wave or Nonsense? Call them what you will: Internet appliances. Network terminals. The whole computer industry is abuzz over proposals for ultra low-cost devices that let you surf the net, shop, and bank from home. However many sceptics abound saying they are merely the most recent fad alternative to the traditional PC. I would agree, saying that where the cost ($300-800) and the ease of use may be appealing, the real-world applications limit these machines so-much that they will be obsolete in ten years, much like thSo don’t get your

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Pentium ready for the rummage sale just yet. Investment is pouring into surfboxes right now because average people may turn out to prefer single-function devices. Says Steven McAllister, vice president of sales and marketing for Bandi: “[these systems will] open up the web… to a huge market that either couldn’t afford a PC or didn’t want to be a hobbyist. But nobody’s sure customers really want them.”