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Internet security outline - Essay Example

Several broad investigations into Internet security provide people a brief introduction that ” the changed nature of the Internet environment from collegial and rusticity to competitive and hostile”(Liechtenstein, 1997), which concludes that, since several years ago, the Internet environment has already brought unsafe factors and potential risks. Not only for individuals, commercial organizations are also the victims of an unsafe Internet environment.

The authors in the Department of Business Computer Information mentioned, “connecting to the Internet and expanding their business would risk the threat of intrusion”(Hawkins, Yen and Chou, 2000), explaining how the potential threats of leaking out information have put the immemorial organizations in an extremely dangerous place. As for the potential threats, unsafe viruses and online crimes come out as main causes of Internet security problems and require immediate attention.

In this paper, some potential risks on Internet will be divided into components to analyze the vulnerabilities. Internet security is shown to be required for citizens, governmental organizations and commercial companies. Furthermore, methods will be proposed to prevent people from being attacked. Types of Victims Private Citizens The main victims of the Internet security problems consist of two groups. Adults have more possibilities to be attacked in financial area or through professional work.

Comparing with adults, children and teenagers have more serious problems in cyber talking, which “includes harassing, threatening or obscene emails, excessive spamming, live chat harassment inappropriate messages on message boards or online guest books, dangerous electronic viruses sent, unsolicited email, and electronic identify theft”(Hand, 2013). As many adolescents do not have enough knowledge to recognize dangerous situations on the Internet, they are supposed to stay under the protection of parents and schools.

The education of self-awareness in security problems should be improved to prevent young children from being attacked on the Internet. Governmental Organizations and Commercial Companies The public-used networks are more vulnerable than what we believed by the general public as it has the possibilities of leaking out private information to attack people at any time. Government and commercial companies are two main types of companies that are seriously affected by unsafe network. Both are holding confidential information, which makes them become the targets of Internet crime.

The criminals an send hacker viruses to the controlling computers, which can destroy the database of information or steal them from personal files. As the Department of Business Computer Information Systems mentioned in their report, “installing firewalls, intrusion detection systems and user authentication software are the necessary precautions a company must take to protect themselves”(Hawkins, Yen and Chou, 2000) In order to prevent the security problems from increasing, all the organizations should maintain a strong and well-organized information system to keep people’s personal information safe.

Types of Threats and Methods of Problem-solving Unsafe Viruses Viruses can distort the format of information and delete the data to damage the computer. Since viruses spread quickly through the files in computer system and infect the hard drives, they become dangerous computer programs that programmers try to avoid or destroy. However, not all the types of viruses are harmful, but unsafe viruses will easily destroy files and information through email messages. It is very simple to get viruses into a computer opening a link or an attachment with unsafe viruses in emails.

Users should be careful with the unknown usages and check the credibility of senders first before opening new links and attachments. Furthermore, Internet users should download anti-viruses software onto their computer to block unsafe information out. They should also habitually scan the existence of viruses before running any computer programs. In order to prevent a huge loss from being attacked by unknown viruses, the users are recommended to back up their important documents on to the discs.

Online Crimes Scams and crimes are common on the Internet as personal information leaks out and can bring huge personal or professional loss. Since people from all over the world are using the same platform, it is difficult to keep Internet secure unless everyone is aware of the safety problems. The figure below shows the rate that Internet security problems are increasing over years. In this figure, the vulnerabilities reported kept in a constant slow rate foredoom to 1999.

It is noteworthy that the rate of security vulnerabilities increased rapidly in 3 years and then reached the highest point in 2005 after a short-period decrease. The increasing rates indicate that Internet safety will still be in a very dangerous situation in coming years, and a strong security system is required to improve the safety problems. Figure 1. CERT. security vulnerabilities reported over the years. In An early application of the Bell Labs security framework to analyze vulnerabilities in the Internet Telephony Domain, Bell Labs Technical Journal 12(3), 7-19 (2007).

The Bell Labs came up with a new security framework, which “[is] created to address the global security challenges faced by service providers, enterprises, and consumers across wireless, optical, and wire line voice, data, and converged networks”(Visa, 2007). This new Internet security network is designed for organizing information and ATA, to protect people from being attacked by theft crime. Theft crime is the most common type of online crimes; the criminals will steal people’s personal information for money.

It should be alert that any personal information related to bank account will occur in a dangerous setting if people do not pay extra attention to keeping information secure. In addition, people should be cautious with money transfer online and use more complicated password instead. In addition, Internet security policies are necessary to be proposed to protect the network. Useful security policies an have great impact in controlling the order of Internet and restrain crimes on the network.

Conclusion As the network is widely used among people all over the world, the social communications in public should maintain caution as both children and adults are possible victims of online crime. Governmental and commercial organizations are victims of identify theft and scams. In order to protect people from being attacked, Internet security policies are proposed to set the guidelines for network users to manage their private information more carefully. Well-organized information nagging systems are also required to build, and protect people from leaking out personal information.