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Internet Sources - Essay Example

Gen 105 Analyzing Internet Sources 1. What did you learn? This lab was very beneficial in teaching me the importance of making sure an internet source is reliable or credible. Not to assume an internet source is reliable due to the fact it can be factual but can also an open source. Furthermore, because it is an open source some information posted can be by anyone, expert or not, is not reviewed or monitored so to be careful when researching the internet for reliable sources.

I also learned some helpful evaluation strategies when searching the internet to save myself time on looking for wanted sources. I was able to learn the Importance of examining the URL to make sure it is worth looking at, and how to examine the synopsis of the site to get a better understanding of the site. In addition, I felt I received a great amount of Information regarding analyzing internet sources and found this lab very helpful. 2. What did you not learn? There were a few things I did not learn, only because I already knew these facts.

I already was very aware of the fact that many sellers’ Internet sites are not secure or safe, especially If the site does not provide contact Information or a return or refund policy. Always be aware ofa site that ask for private Information Ilke banking or social security number. Furthermore, I know not to trust all sellers’ Internet sites with my personal account Information. In conclusion, other than what I Just stated I felt the two labs were very Informative and helpful towards my future research projects.