Free Sample: Internet vs. Library paper example for writing essay

Internet vs. Library - Essay Example

Compare and contrast libraries and the internet as two major sources of information for use in academic written work Nowadays, the world Is rapidly developed. Every student and teacher use different types of sources Information for research, assessment and etc. First of all, It Is Internet, due to Global network students can take a lot of priorities, for example, they can analyses formal and informal information, also can do diagnostic of public opinion. Secondly, an important major resource is library.

Library can include a lot of satirical and significant information for our society, which can also be include in the learning process. This essay will compare two major sources of information: libraries and internet for use in academic written work. Nowadays, Internet is widespread around the world. There are a lot of information from the magazines, Journals, official statistics on state web-sites and etc. It can be useful for academic written work. For example, for preparing research it Is necessary to diagnose public pollen.

Student can send social Interview for respondents by e- all and also can put It on the web-sites. Moreover, Information from the Internet Is always actual and modern. For example, In academic written work about rent of housing, student can feed down updated prices on the housing market. Using internet is easier compared with using libraries. Firstly, people save the time, they can do all written work at home. Secondly, a large number of books can be find on the internet. On the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages. According the Interview with Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Global Education (http://www. N. Org/APS/news/ icemakers. Asp? Newest=92), that not every person in the world got a chance to study and have a rights to an education. The poorest countries in the world, such as Ethiopia, Somalia do not pay attention to the upshot of educational system, especially development of the Internet. For Instance, African countries still do not have access to the Internet. Due to this fact, students do not have possibilities for using internet for academic written work. They can be use only one resource of information ; library.

With reference to countries with access to the Internet, library is also the accessory resource of information. Compared with internet, historical books and rare books, which published in 18-19 centuries could not be find on the Internet. For example, on the specific subjects, such as history of London or painters- impressionists of the 20th century, all important information could be find only on the libraries and special exhibitions and galleries. Furthermore, the oldest and well-known universities, such as Harvard, CUL, Cambridge and etc. Have the biggest libraries with deferent types of the books.

In edition, most of these books are unique and can not be root out on the Internet. To summaries, It has been shown comparison of two major sources of Information for using in academic written work: libraries and the internet. The essay has been information are now considered very important for people and universities and government should create all conditions for students and citizenship for using two major resources: internet and library. However, it is clear that students or people, who do academic written work, should focus more on the quality of different types of resources.