Isolated by the internet - Essay Example

Although many of online relationships evolve, most of them represent weak social ties instead of deep ones. Stool believes the only way to learn how to get along with others is to spend plenty of time interacting with people. (225). However, does Internet prevent us from communicating with others? Absolutely not! As a new media the Internet, it does not weaken the relationships between people but change the way of communicating. Internet facilitates the circulation of information. There is no doubt that Internet enhances the width of content. We are communicating more rather than less and we are not isolated but connected.

Internet gets us involved Internet provides us with a space in which we are able to express our opinions and interact with others. As Clay Shirks describes in “Cognitive Surplus,” we have seen the effects of this new reality dozens of times: the London transport bombings in 2005, the Thai coup in 2006, the police killing of Oscar Grant in Oakland in 2008, the post- election Iranian unrest in 2009-?all these events and countless more were documented with camera phones and then uploaded for the world to see. (262). South California police shooting event proves his opinion as well.

Reported on CBS sews on April 1 lath, North Charleston police officer Michael Slater, right, is seen shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott in the back as he runs away. All the progress was caught on camera by cell phone. If it is not for a chilling cellophane video, the shooting of Walter Scott, might have been written off as a Justified police shooting, another case of an officer gunning down a man because he feared for his life. If it is not for Internet, how can we even know and participate in this event and finally correct it. Holding a cell phone in hand, people have opportunities to produce and share.

That is exactly what “participatory culture” describes: a significant chunk of culture was participatory. (261). Similarly, in “The Net and Fundamentalism,” Douglas Rushmore stats “the Internet undermines the blind obedience of fundamentalism by offering alternative points of view, promoting pluralism, and encouraging feedback. ” (265). Internet breaks the rule that a few faiths are created and interpreted by congregants. The public now is invited to doubt and make a sound. There is no the “absolute truth” anymore since people are allow to explore their own “truth” by themselves.

Everyone s invited to participate in producing. That is how Internet gets us involved. Culture is participatory and Internet offers us a platform where people are free to express their opinions, give feedbacks and communicate with each other. Thanks to Internet, people are not only consumers who can Just accept passively but also producers who are allowed to create and communicate. Internet gives people deep feeling of involvement and that is the reflection of strong social ties. Internet brings convenience to communication Internet means “connection. Backbone, Twitter, Youth, Webb, those websites are littorals providing us with free space to communicate and interact. Mark Elliot Seersucker, the founder of Backbone, publishes the statistical data from last year. On Backbone, there are more than 13 hundred million active users per month. Over 120 hundred million messages have been posted every day. About 10 hundred million people use Backbone on phone and approximate 8. 29 hundred million people log in Backbone every day. From these statistical data, it is not hard to figure out that with the development of Internet, people communicate frequently.

We contact more frequent than before. How does frequent communication hurt our relationship? I do not think so. I admit that interacting with people might be the most efficient way to learn how to get along with others. However, it does not mean that the interaction must be face-to-face. Through Internet, people have much more chances to communicate with people who are far away from you. As an international student living far away from home, I benefit much from Internet. Studying in a strange country alone, I usually feel lonely. By Keep, I can keep in touch with my family.

Through the small screen, I feel like I am back home chatting with mother and father ND having dinner with our favorite talk show displayed on the television Just like we did in the last 18 years. Internet reduces the distance between my family and me. With a phone in hand, we can contact whomever we want no matter where he is. “Taking parents with us to university’ may sound exaggerated, but it shows the convenience that Internet contributes to us. Thanks to Internet, we can frequently contact no matter how far we are from each other. We can keep in touch much easier and that shows our tight social ties.

To sum up, I refute the view people are isolated y the Internet. I admit that Internet affects our life in some way Internet gets us involved in creation and changes our identity from consumer into producer. Internet brings us convenience to contact. Instead of weakening our social ties, Internet has strengthened our bonds by achieving these typical foundations: deep feeling of involvement, frequent contact and broad content. As long as our society is developing, the way we live will be changed in the meantime. For better or worse, these changes must be the most appropriate for our future life.