Networking Internet protocol - Essay Example

When considering Linux over Windows operating system, Ordain manufacturing must examine and compare the network infrastructure of the two systems. When looking at the overall picture of both systems, both systems consist of some of the same features in networking. The author of Windows to Linux Road map states the following. “Linux and Windows both support a number of networking protocols, such as TCP/IP, Entries, and PIX. Both support a wide variety of network adapters. Both provide the ability to share resources, such as files and printing, through the outwork.

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Both provide capability to perform network services, such as DDCD and DNS (Walden, 2003). ” The three areas of interest that has been the primary focus for Ordain are the Protocol Stack, Network management, and Compatibility. These are important points to consider when making the decision to switch over from Windows to Linux. 1. Protocol Stack – Linux and Windows both uses the four layer TCP/IP protocol stack which is a simplified version of the seven layer OSI model. The difference is that Linux was built, from its infancy, to implement the TCP/IP stack.

Windows was originally built as a single user system and gradually began to build its server systems to be used as a networking system. Linux tends to be more specific about the protocols and applications that it uses according to Introduction to Networking (Bell, 2010). This allows Linux to use a more wide variety of network protocols than Windows, which allows Ordain to have more of choices to choose from when connecting and communicating with other computers, clients, and severs. 2.

Network Management – Windows does allow users to micro manage their outwork by using the network setup wizard or full management features by setting up the network manually. The setup wizard is a simple way to setup a network for people who are not familiar with how to set up a network system, and will only allow limited customizations. The manual setup has little room for error and requires the user to match all the identical protocols on each machine. This can be time consuming and cost prohibiting for Ordain.

The beauty of Linux is that network setup can be done by using the simple Command Line Interface (CLC) to type a nomad to give access to computers or users. Linux provides a more cost effective way for network management than Windows. 3. Compatibility – Because of the wide variety of network protocols that Linux has over Windows, Linux will allow Ordain to have a greater compatibility with hardware platforms than Windows. The compatibility with other hardware and software will allow Ordain to communicate with more customers, suppliers, branch computers, and potential clients that will be a part of the network.