Overusing the internet - Essay Example

We use the Internet for our own favor and interest. It depends what we enjoy the internet surfing for; some Like using instant messaging and face book. Now they are the most excessively used Internet programs. Sometimes people do that In order to solve some mental disorders. Such as feeling isolated, or having lake of self- confidence. Meeting people over the internet and not having to meet them in person, solves their feeling of insecurity. Others are addicted to gaming on the internet, such as playing poker and chess.

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They are real life addictive games and having the opportunity to have them online, causes the same effect on them as they are in real life. There are many of internet addiction types like mental disorders cause people to reflect their sickness to their desired object of addiction. Some people are addictive to shopping, games, or drugs. In our case, the people addicted to the internet and computers have a lack of self-confidence and a tendency to feel shy in public. They are not capable to make a circle of friends as normal people do In their lives.

So they choose making friends online, which Is a much easier way for them to pursue their deed. Also they use the internet as an escape from life troubles; whether its problems they face at home or outside in their daily life routines. Maybe playing some games or shopping online gives them the feeling of security within them. And helps them overcome their mental struggles. Basically, it makes them forget about their outside world and focus their attention to the Inside wide world of the internet and computer use.

This type of internet addiction, when people tend to gain their self-confidence through its usage is the most dangerous type of all. It could harm people, who are ending to get to know strangers through the internet chatting, It could lead to crimes such as theft and sexual harassment. It also causes them to neglect their outside world of communication and only feel secure while using the Internet. Meaning they will tend to be more sociable and feel lively only while being on their computer; when this Is the negative way of pursuing their careers and social life.

The more time they spend online, the more they gain their self-esteem. It’s like standing in front of a mirror before leaving their homes to go out, this way they make sure they look good and confident enough before they leave. It’s the same for the internet use, after they get the security feeling within themselves. They feel completely relieved. The general causes of Internet addiction are delved to certain categories; which lets us understand where the overuse of internet comes from.

First thing we face generally is curiosity. Usually some of us are eager to know a lot about the technology which grows every day now. And most of these people are in their ass’s and ass’s. The ones who doesn’t have enough information and practice with the internet use; so their curiosity drives them to start surfing the internet and learning the different says of the computer use. Such as goggling (Google), chatting online or even gaming The next category is the development and renewal of self.

Exploring the internet is actually a self-development step; learning about it makes you in hold of everything in the world now. Connected is how you feel when you go through the internet. It’s everything we use around the world now; nothing can go on without it. You can find anything concerning the subject of your interest easily and with full information about it. You need to update your look, you surf the internet. Or if there is a piece of information you’d to like expand your understanding about. Certain types of food you’d like to cook.

Everything you need you’ll find through the internet, and especially if it’s a self-development and renewal situation. Surfing the internet made it easier for people who make researches and always in need of books to help them fulfill their search. Your desired book of interest can easily be found on the internet now. You no longer need to go to a library and search through the books to find your desired information to complete a research. Now you can go online, search the name of the book, and easily find quotations for it and a full geography about it and its author.

You can even find the whole book to read instead of buying from a book store. The same goes to magazines and newspapers; if you have missed a weeks newspaper edition or a magazine’s issue. You can simply find it online, read it all and maybe save the needed pages for your record. The internet has made it so easy for people around the world to pursue their lives and careers outside or even from inside their homes. It has made everything easily accessible and far simpler. But that doesn’t mean that it is the most trusted source of information of all.