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Use of Internet - Essay Example

More than one person can procure information and pictures by Joining a number of ermine’s with a chief computer. Network after interlinking together has created a large dimension network through out the world. There Is a symbolic meaning of internet. It is WWW by which we mean world wide web and it is attributed properly because of its world wide activities of communication. Internet is the name of a computer networking system that brings a revolution is the application of science for the benefit of man kind.

The full name of internet is international network. It Is the computer based global information system. Day by day the use of Internet Is Increasing. Some dishonest people abuse It. Anyway, internet is becoming the necessity of every class of people. The Internet is composed of many interconnected computer networks. Each network may link tens; hundreds and even thousands of computers, enabling them to share information with one another’s to share computational resource such as powerful super computers and data bases of information.

Today through Internet people all over the world can communication effectively and cheaply with one another. Unlike traditional broadcasting media, such As radio and TV the internet does not have centralized distribution system, instead, an individual who has the internet access an communication directly with anyone else on the internet, make information available to others, find information provided by others or self product with a low cost. Internet has added speed to globalization and IT sectors. The has brought about new opportunities to government, business and education.

Governments use the Internet for internal communication, distributions of information and automated tax processing. In Bangladesh India the use of Internet has increased in the last few years. In additional offering any goods & services buy online to customers, a businessman can spread his businesses more easily. Today much Individual use the Internet for shopping’s paying utility bill, credit card bill, admit Ion fees, E-commerce, online banking facility , educational institutes use the Internet for research and to deliver courses to students online at remote sites.

Internet is the most reliable and cheapest mode of communication. It has huge potentiality for the significant Improvement of economic productivity. And private sectors, it is paying a vital role. It has some abuses too nowadays especially the teen gars are very keen to aboard the demerits of internet. They some time keep chafing and whiling away their time tit friends or even unknown persons, when they are supposed to be their desk to study. Tend. Thus they are going away from their study and becoming morally degraded. N additional sometimes criminal and terrorists take the advantage of internet to materializes their goal. They exploit cyber cafe as their means of fulfilling their task. It is called cyber bullying; even some heinous and immoral person to belittle and derogate others, we should use internet sorting the best out of it so that we ourselves can be benefited and can benefits others. To keep pace with the rest of the world in every sector.