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Using Technology and the Internet as a New Means - Essay Example

Because of the fact that they are always exposed to the technology and the media, many have tried to remote or, to give it a hard name, manipulate the youth Vial the technology and the media. Some means have succeeded and some means have failed. Of all the means of communicating with the youth, reinforced and enhanced from the conventional means, the Internet has led to the new way of conversing with the youth and grabbing their attention. With numerous merits which other means don’t satisfy, the Internet has been changing the world of effectively accessing to the youth and spreading the idea.

Many interest groups have discerned the importance of the youth in order to meet heir needs. Therefore, they have put a lot of effort to implant in the youth’s minds with ideas that they wanted the youth to believe in. The majority of the attempts were made via the media, which is the product of the modern technology. For instance, smoking industry is known for their success In grasping the minds of the younger generations using the media. They have spent millions of dollars sponsoring movies, TV shows and radios and bombarding with ads starring expensive celebrities.

They have tried to sell the Idea that smoking Is cool for teenagers and have tried to did the fact that It Is critical for the health. The outcome of the strategy was very effective. Now the teenagers are the most important customers to the tobacco industry. Nearly 20% of the high school students smoke in the US. 80% of the smokers started to smoke when they are below 18. The Health Minister Anne Milton of the I-J even said “We cannot ignore the fact that young people are recruited into smoking by colorful, eye-catching, cigarette displays. Most adult smokers started smoking as teenagers and we need to stop this trend.

The vital reason for their success was that the tobacco industry knew exactly what the teenagers wanted and sold the Idea that the youth wanted. On the other hand, some have failed to grab the attention of the youth. The reasons behind their failure varies, but the mall reason was that they have failed to lower themselves down to the level of the teenagers. For example. Many people have had spread the idea, they have adopted tactics from the other industries and implemented them in their campaigns for promoting the idea. Last year, Korea had residential election in December.

They tried new tactics in the election campaigns like using Twitter, Backbone and Youth to focus more on the sis. They claimed that it was the new approach in reaching out to the younger generations. However, the result was disastrous. Out of all the age group, the sis turnout was the least recording 68. 5%. Some try to explain the phenomenon in other ways, however the wide established theory is that they have the failed to communicate with the youth. Using Backbone, Twitter and Youth was a very novel attempt, but the content and he approaching method were not enough to hold communion with the youth.

Alvin Toffee, the world renowned futurologists, claimed in his book “The Third Wave” that 21st century will be information oriented society and the Internet will be the key industry. Already, the youth today have been deeply influenced by the Internet. 95% of teens aged 12-17 use the Internet. 63% of teens use the Internet every day. It is not much to say that the Internet is now one of the daily necessities that is consumed by the youth. This is why the Internet is thought to be the most effective means of immunization with the youth.

Aside from this, the significance of the Internet comes from its ubiquitous characteristic and its entertaining factors. Nowadays, the gadgets that we use mostly feature online access capability. So it is possible for teens to get online and enjoy the service whenever and wherever they want. Also, the Internet fulfills the most important requirement of communicating with the youth, which is the leveling down to the youth for better and more thorough communication. The cases, which failed to interact with the youth, were mostly due to the fact that they ere condescending, they simply were ignorant in leveling down to the youth.

For the most time, angling towards the youth is achieved via amusement and entertainment. The internet is specialized in entertaining or serves a pastime role, which attracts or allures teenagers naturally to buy the ideas on the Internet. Throughout the history, the youth generation has always been considered important. This is because they are at an age when they are influenced easily by external matters compared to the other generations and they also have had quite a big archiving power.

Also, the Computerizing Revolution accelerated this trend by providing various new ways to get in touch with the youth. The technology has become the biggest part of modern life style. Especially, the Internet has become the most influential medium to the youth, which is why it is the most effective means of attracting ten’s attention and communicating ideas that influences decision makings. As years pass, it is anticipated that the significance of the Internet will increase to the exclusive role.

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