Free Sample: Why Internet Can Not Replace Books paper example for writing essay

Why Internet Can Not Replace Books - Essay Example

I totally disagree with this statement. Lenten is surely becoming a part of human lives, but it can never replace regular books. The reason of my disagreement based on following points: It is not affordable for all;Lenten is useful only when you own a computer with Internet connection which is not affordable by mediocre. What to talk about the poor ,they sometimes don’t have money to buy even regular books. Library and its books are the only resource for them.

It does not work for all ages;you can not make use of Internet unless you have basic computer and Internet knowledge. Not every person has interest in computer, but books are surely a basic need for everybody. So regular books are the only thing they can have fun with. The same thing Is with the young children. They don’t know how to open a particular book on net. After television, Internet is one of the biggest problems for parents. Now a days, children spend most of their time in front of T.

V. And net. They are becoming a real couch potatoes. Their eyesight are getting negatively affected. It Is really becoming very hard to keep children off net. In these situations no parent would let Internet replace regular books. Besides, regulars books are reliable and safe and can be kept for ever. Whereas,Lenten books always have a danger of catching virus. Len countries,where electricity Is one of the major problems,regular books are the only way to achieve knowledge and fun.